Cheap Lightning Cables Now Available at Monoprice for Less Than $12


Monoprice is now selling Lightning USB cables for $11.77, a 38% savings compared to Apple’s $19 cable. The online retailer is well known for selling generic cables and accessories for a fraction of what Apple, Monster and others’ goods sell for.  The availability of cheaper Lightning cables should ease many iPhone 5 users’ frustrations over […]

30-Pin to Lightning Adapter Pre-Orders Now Arriving

Screen Shot 2012-10-09 at 4.29.10 PM

Just a day after we heard that Apple had begin shipping pre-orders, the company’s 30-pin to Lightning Adapter has begun arriving for those that pre-ordered the accessory when the iPhone 5 went on sale. Those who pre-ordered the extremely sought after accessory at launch have begun to see the 30-pin to Lightning Adapter show up […]

Lighting Connector vs. 30 Pin Dock Connector (Photos)

Lighting Connector vs. 30 Pin Dock Connector - head on

With the iPhone 5, Apple switched away from the long used 30-pin dock connector to a smaller Lightning dock connector. This means that users will need to switch accessories or purchase a Lightning to 30-pin adapter to continue using older iPhone dock accessories. The new Lightning to USB cable ships with the iPhone 5, but […]

Apple Stumbles with 30 Pin Adapter


As someone who runs a business I have to say I envy Apple and all of its partners on days (and the weeks ahead) like this. Hot product. Demand. Money rolling in. And problems that can be sloughed off.  But the problems, even though they get attention, don’t seem to slow down the juggernaut. They […]