Apple Now Shipping Lightning To Dock Connector Adapters

Lightning to 30 pin adapter

After weeks of waiting Apple is finally shipping Lighting to Dock Connector adapters to users who ordered them. According to MacRumors some users in Australia already received emails with shipping information on their new adapters. The Apple website still lists the adapters as shipping in October, but those who ordered theirs soon should begin receiving […]

Cheap iPhone 5 Lightning to 30-pin Converters Appear on Amazon

Nanotch $10 Lightning adapter

When Apple announced the iPhone 5 last week it also debuted a few expensive adapters to connect the new Lightning-port to 30-pin cables and accessories. Some third-party companies already have their own cheaper adapters for users who don’t want to buy Apple’s $29 or $39 adapters. According to 9To5Mac a few companies already have third-party […]