See How Apple’s iPhone 6 Reversible USB Cable Could Work


iPhone 6 rumors have been buzzing lately about a new development that could see Apple introduce a reversible USB Lightning cable with the iPhone 6 when it’s expected to launched next month. If you’re curious to see a connector like this in action, we actually got a hold of a reversible USB cable to play […]

Where to Buy Cheap iPhone Lightning Cables


iPhone Lightning cables aren’t cheap, but if you look in the right places, you can find good-quality options for less than you would pay in the Apple Store. You just bought a new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c, and it’s your first upgrade to the new iPhones since they introduced the new Lightning connector (or […]

Lightning Cable Problems Persist Due to Corrosion

Lightning cable corrosion

Apple’s Lightning connector is finally starting to fully replace its 30-pin predecessor, with only a couple of products that Apple sells still sporting the legacy connector, but a lot of users have reported that they’re experiencing corrosion problems with their USB Lightning cables, rendering them defective over time. ZDNet editor Jason O’Grady has been having the worst […]

Lightning Cable Not Working? iOS 7 May Be Blocking It


Users upgrading to iOS 7, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, could be in for more than just a new interface. According to early reports Apple is using the release to disable some third-party Lightning cables. The third-party Lightning cables in question, according to 9to5Mac, have stopped working because they were never actually […]

Another Reason Why iPhone Owners Should Avoid Cheap Chargers: Hardware Hacking


Aside from catching fire and melting, cheap Lightning charging accessories for the iPhone 5, iPad with Retina Display, iPod Touch, and iPad mini may cause even more harm. Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology will be showing a new proof-of-concept Lightning charger at the Black Hat security conference next month that could be used to […]

Cheap Lightning Cables Now Available at Monoprice for Less Than $12


Monoprice is now selling Lightning USB cables for $11.77, a 38% savings compared to Apple’s $19 cable. The online retailer is well known for selling generic cables and accessories for a fraction of what Apple, Monster and others’ goods sell for.  The availability of cheaper Lightning cables should ease many iPhone 5 users’ frustrations over […]

Amazon Sells, Then Pulls, Cheaper Amazon Basics Lightning Cables


Earlier this week Amazon started selling its own branded Lightning cables for newer iOS devices, but it recently pulled the cables from its website, according to 9To5Mac. The Lightning cables are part of Amazon Basics, Amazon’s line of inexpensive cables and accessories with easy packaging. The Amazon Lightning Cables were available through the online retailer […]

Scosche Announces iPhone 5 Car Chargers & Lightning Cables

iPhone 5 car charger scosche

Today Scosche announced its first lineup of new Lightning cables including a number of iPhone 5 car chargers. Just in time for the holidays Scosche has a total of six Lightning cables and accessories coming soon, each with Apple’s Made for iPhone or Made for iPad designation. The six accessories are part of Scocsche’s strikeDRIVE, […]

Authentication Chip in Lightning Cable Made By Texas Instruments


In an a teardown and analysis of Apple’s Lightning cable, which replaced the standard 30-pin dock connector cable on the iPhone 5, Chipworks found that a Texas Instruments chip is used inside the cable, likely serving as a security chip. The authentication chip found within the Lightning cable could have a big impact on Apple’s […]

5 iPhone 5 Docks You Can Make or Buy Today

iPHone 5 wood dock on eBay

Apple doesn’t sell an iPhone 5 dock, but users can make their own iPhone 5 dock in a few minutes, or buy an iPhone 5 dock that uses an original Lightning cable. The iPhone 5 won’t fit in the iPhone 4S dock, and Apple doesn’t sell an iPhone 5 dock. We are already seeing the […]

Don’t Buy Third-Party iPhone 5 Lightning Cables Yet

Lightning cable authentication chips

While Apple doesn’t have any extra Lightning cables to sell for the moment, it’s probably not a good idea to buy third-party cables instead thanks to a chip inside the new connector. According to Apple Insider, Apple’s Lightning cables contain what looks like authentication chips inside the tiny housing. Those chips are likely the cause […]