How to Keep Your iPhone Cable from Falling Off Your Desk

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If you want quick access to your iPhone’s charging cable while at your desk, here’s how you can mount the cable to your desk without it falling off the edge and onto the floor. We’ve all been there: You go to charge your iPhone only to discover that the Lightning cable fell behind the desk, […]

Lightning Cable Knock-Offs Are Getting Better at Being Fake


There are a handful of brands that sell Apple Lightning cables for the iPhone and iPad, but there are also a ton of knock-off brands that make lookalike cables that are very cheaply made. Usually, you can tell the difference between real Lightning cables and knock-offs, but cheap brands are getting better at making their […]

Where to Buy Lightning Cables for Your iPhone 6


If the iPhone 6 is your very first iPhone, or you’re upgrading from an older iPhone to the iPhone 6, you’ll no doubt need some extra Lightning cables to have placed around your home, work, and in the car. Luckily, there are ways that you can stock up on Lightning cables without having to fork […]

iPhone 6 Reversible USB Lightning Cable Video Demo

iPhone 6 cable

iPhone 6 rumors have been buzzing lately about a new development that could see Apple introduce a reversible USB Lightning cable with the iPhone 6 when it’s expected to be launched next month. If you’re curious to see a connector like this in action, we actually got a hold of a reversible USB Lightning cable […]

Sketchy iPhone 6 Lighting Cable Video Demo

iPhone 6

Recently we saw photos of what appeared to be a new reversible USB connector that could be coming with the new iPhone 6 next month, and a new video allows us to see the USB plug in action. The video comes from Sonny Dickson, who has treated us in the past with several leaks of […]

Where to Buy Cheap iPhone Lightning Cables


iPhone Lightning cables aren’t cheap, but if you look in the right places, you can find good-quality options for less than you would pay in the Apple Store. You just bought a new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c, and it’s your first upgrade to the new iPhones since they introduced the new Lightning connector (or […]

How to Keep iPhone Cables from Breaking

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Ever come across a broken iPhone charging cable? You’re certainly not alone, but we have a few tips that will help you avoid a broken iPhone Lightning cable in the future. We’ve all experienced a broken charging cable. They get worn out after a while and the cable starts tear open at the base of […]

Lightning Cables: Cheaper, Better iPhone 5 & iPad 4 Charging Cables


Now that Apple lets companies in the Made for iPhone program create Lightning accessories, a number of accessory makers have their own Lightning cables. These third-party Lightning accessories are generally less expensive than Apple’s $19 cable, or offer varying lengths to fit users’ needs. While there are some very inexpensive Lightning cables around the Internet, […]

Apple To Unveil New Lightning Cables Today

IPad Mini Lightning

Apple will unveil a number of new Lightning cables and adapters today including an SD card reader and a VGA connection according to a 9To5Mac report. The leaked document that 9To5Mac shares, shows that Apple will announce four new Lightning cables today. The first two will help users connect their iOS devices to cameras. There’s […]

Cracked Lightning Cable Chip Could Lead to Cheaper iPhone 5 Cables

iPhone5mod Lightning cable

Apple includes an authenticator chip in the new Lightning cable to prevent unauthorized third-party cables, but it looks like somebody cracked the chip, paving the way for cheaper third-party Lightning cables and accessories. According to MacRumors a Chinese company called iPhone5mod has a new Lightning cable and iPhone 5 dock that use chips obtained from Apple-approved factories. […]

iPhone 5 Lightning Accessories Should Arrive By Holidays

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At the moment Apple is the only company that can make and sell Lightning cables and accessories, but it should soon let other companies make accessories with the new connector. According to iLounge Apple tightened the restrictions on its Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod (MFi) policies which prevent third parties from making Lightning-compatible accessories. Apple needs to […]

Lightning Cables Now In Stock at Many Apple Stores

Lightning Connector box

Despite not having any in stock for the iPhone 5 launch and delays on the website, Apple Stores across the U.S. now carry extra Lightning cables in stock for iPhone 5 users. Lightning cables were nowhere to be found in Apple Stores on the day the iPhone 5 launched, but over the weekend stores started showing […]

Apple Not Selling Extra Lightning Cables in Stores

Lightning Connector box

New iPhone 5 owners should make sure they don’t misplace their Lightning cables because there’s a chance they won’t be able to buy a new one for quite some time. We’re hearing through some Twitter users that Apple stores don’t have any accessories to sell with the iPhone 5, not even extra cables for the […]