What Time Should I Line Up for the iPhone 5s on Release Date?

Here's when to line up for the iPhone 5s at an Apple Store.

The iPhone 5s release date is set for Friday September 20th when the new iPhone 5s will go on sale at 8 AM local time at many retailers, but if you want to snag an iPhone 5s without waiting for the next shipment you’ll likely need to show up much earlier than that. The biggest […]

Ultimate Guide to Lining Up For the New iPad

line for the new ipad

The new iPad is officially sold out for March 16th release day delivery, lines are starting to form at Apple Stores. Yes, nearly a week ahead of the new iPad release date buyers are lining up for the new iPad. If you don’t want to wait 2-3 weeks to get your new iPad , you too will […]

44% of iPhone 5 Buyers Lining up on Release Date

iPad 2 Line1

The iPhone 5 release date is getting closer and closer, which means it is time for the brave Apple diehards to head out and wait in line. Launch day lines are the earliest indicator of iPhone 5 demand, well other than surveys which show there is already incredible pent up demand for the next iPhone. As last […]

Will You Line Up on iPhone 5 Release Day? [Poll]

iPad 2 Line1

The iPhone 5 has an incredible amount of pent up demand, demand that may see some supply soon. Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5 on October 4th along with iCloud and iOS 5. At this event, Apple will finally tell us when the iPhone 5 release date is. Right now we think that […]

Interview With the 1st Man In Line for the iPhone 5

first in line for the iPhone 5

Most of us can hardly wait in line to buy something at the Apple store, let alone wait in line on launch day, but Rob Shoesmith, an App marketer for Medl Mobile is going to the extreme. Rob is camping out outside his local Apple store at Regents Street in London for the iPhone 5. […]