Ubuntu OS Coming To Smartphones In 2014


Today Canonical announced its Ubuntu OS is coming to smartphones in 2014, but early builds will come in the next few weeks for developers. The new Ubuntu OS for smartphones uses the same core as the Ubuntu desktop OS. In fact, Canonical claims Ubuntu is the first OS designed to work the same on mobile and […]

Ubuntu Gets Hacked On Google’s Nexus 7 By Canonical


Maker of the Linux-based Ubuntu operating system has created a way to install the operating system on to the Google-branded Asus-made Nexus 7, which is shipped and sold with the Android operating system. To get started, users will need to unlock the bootloader on the Nexus 7. The installation process to get Ubuntu to run on […]

Nokia Cancels Plans for Another Linux-Based Platform


Nokia had reportedly scrapped plans for its unannounced Meltemi project, which would succeed the aging Series 40 operating system used in the company’s feature phones. Feature phones on S40 offers some of the experiences of more capable smartphones, but are limited in what they can do as they do not have a robust app ecosystem. […]

Motorola’s Latest Webtop OS Ditches Custom Linux OS for Ice Cream Sandwich


With Android Ice Cream Sandwich being the first version of the Android operating system that melds together’s Google’s smartphone edition and tablet edition (previously limited to Android 3.x Honeycomb) of the mobile OS together, we’re seeing the lines between phone and tablet being blurred. With the traditional phone-centric build of targeted at finger-friendly mobility highlighting […]

Android, Linux Coming Together After Having Forged Separate Paths


While Google’s Android mobile operating system–like a number of mobile OSes–are based on Linux, Android has forged on a separate path of its own. However, Android and Linux may come closer together now after having gone separate ways as the Android code has been readmitted to a staging area for inclusion the Linux kernel, the […]

Win The Chance To Do Awesome Things With The Raspberry Pi For Free

Win The Chance To Do Awesome Things With The Raspberry Pi For Free

At the end of February, the highly anticipated Raspberry Pi mini computer launched and immediately sold out. In fact, the first batch of model B Raspberry Pi units have yet to ship out due to a hardware parts substitution that was made, by accident, at the factory that produces it. As of right now, it’s […]

Ubuntu For Android Turns Your Smartphone Into A Real Computer

Ubuntu for Android

Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution, announced a project that will change Android phones forever (in a good way) in the very near future. Ubuntu for Android is a full-fledged version of the desktop operating system that can run on Android phones. Not as a hack or a fun project for the folks […]

iPhone 4S Jailbreak Now Available on Linux

iPhone 4S Absinthe Jailbreak App

The iPhone 4S jailbreak arrived last week, but there was no Linux version of the Absinthe jailbreak tool. No more. The Chronic Dev Team has released a Linux version of the Absinthe jailbreak tool, capable of jailbreaking the iPhone 4S while connected to a notebook running various flavors of Linux. Now, no matter what desktop operating system […]

Raspberry Pi, A $25 Pocket Computer That Isn’t A Smartphone

raspberry pi

Here on GBM we spend a lot of time talking about small, mobile computing devices, but they usually take the form of tablets and smartphones and the like and occasionally laptops. But there are other types of small computers as well. The kind that act like their larger counterparts but still fit in the palm […]

Ubuntu Aims to Take Linux Into Smartphone, Tablets.


Android, a Linux-based operating system designed for mobile, may be seeing more threat from the Linux camp soon. After Tizen, a project formerly known as MeeGo, Ubuntu, known for its desktop-based Linux implementation, will soon tackle the smartphone and tablet market and will compete against Android. The announcement is set for the Ubuntu Developer Summit […]

Motorola Reveals Droid Bionic’s Webtop Accessory Solutions


We’ve heard about the leaked pricing for the Droid Bionic (with two-year activation) and accessories bundle at Costco, and now we’re hearing more information about the flagship Motorola Droid device with its innovative Webtop solutions that could be enabled through a variety of Motorola-made accessories. In a leak obtained by Droid-life, it appears that Motorola […]

Google + Motorola, Will Webtop OS Pave the Way to an Android-Chromebook Dock?


Google has already stated a number of things about its announced $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility, including that Motorola wouldn’t be favored in making future Nexus products as well as other hardware partners in the ecosystem reacting positively to the announcement, but what we haven’t heard is how Motorola will add value to the […]

India’s $35 Tablet Set to Launch Later This Month


It appears that India’s much delayed $35 tablet is finally ready for launch as The Times of India reports that the government sponsored device is expected to make its anticipated debut at some point this month. The Sakshat tablet will apparently arrive in bulk, around 10,000 units, to IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Rajasthan by […]

Is the Laptop Dock the Culprit Behind the New Droid Bionic Form Factor?


Given Motorola’s recent confirmation that it would be bringing the Laptop Dock accessory to more smartphones in the future and the company’s CEO stating that the Droid Bionic will be delayed and will be launching with a new form factor, it begs the question if these two separate statements may in fact be correlated with […]

Nokia to Release Maemo 6 Device Before Attempting MeeGo


It looks like the tablet designs that Nokia had patented back in 2010 could be for a Maemo 6 device that straddles the space between smartphone–like the Nokia N8–and tablet. It’s unclear how Maemo 6 will shape up to be or what form factor the OS will appear on, but it’s interesting to hear Nokia […]

Xoom Gives Android the Boot and Boots Into Ubuntu


Since hackers have tinkered to unlock and root the Motorola 3.0 Honeycomb tablets, developers who are looking for a bit more raw Linux power on their Motorola Xoom devices have devised a way to load the slate with the Ubuntu operating system. The way to get Ubuntu working is similar to running a virtual machine […]

Kno’s Single-Screen and Dual-Screen E-Reader Tablets Ship Today


Kno indicated yesterday that it’s single-screen and dual-screen Linux-based tablet will be shipping today, Tuesday. The company’s tablets, unlike other mass market tablets, will mostly be geared as a textbook reader that’s targeted at the educational market with Web browsing and note taking support. The basic single-screen version will cost $599 and the dual-screen version […]