Amazon May Finally Release Color Kindle E-Reader Thanks to Latest Acquisition


Amazon has confirmed that it had acquired the Liquavista business from Samsung, a move that could potentially allow the Internet retailer to finally launch an affordable color e-ink Kindle e-reader in due time. Samsung had not done much with Liquavista since it had acquired the company; it was rumored that color e-ink displays based on […]

Devices with Samsung’s Liquavista Displays Can Come As Soon As This Year?


After having announced its acquisition of Liquavista for the company’s electrowetting display technology earlier this year, we haven’t heard from Samsung until now. The company had recently shown off its electrowetting display at the SID show, and there is speculation that electrowetting may beat Mirasol to the market in the evolving display market. Electrowetting is […]

Companies Aiming for Color and 3D for eBook Readers


Some have summarily dismissed stand alone eBook readers as headed for the recycle bin now that the iPad has begun the Tablet/Slate revolution. To some I guess that makes sense. Why have a stand alone device that reads only in black and white when you can read those same eBooks in color on a device […]