How to Add Storage to Your iPhone 5S, iPad 5: Kingston MobileLite Review


In the post-PC revolution, computers are being replaced with smartphones and tablets. Unfortunately, for many consumers making that switch, the transition isn’t all smooth sailing. Though devices like the Google Nexus 4, Apple iPhone 5 and forthcoming iPhone 5S, the iPad 4 and forthcoming iPad 5 tablets, and the HTC One Android smartphones offer plenty […]

Facebook Nearby to Take On Yelp, Google Local Recommendations


In a bid to compete against local recommendation sites like Google, which has its own user-generated reviews along with expert reviews via the company’s Zagat acquisition, and Yelp, Facebook has launched a new update to its iOS and Android application to bring a new feature called ‘Nearby.’ Nearby will work in conjunction with your check-ins […]

How to Find an iPad mini in Stock at a Local Store

iPad mini reservation apple

The iPad mini is a hot item that is tough to find in stores, and will only be harder to find as the holiday shopping season heats up, but with a free service it’s easy to find an iPad mini in stock at a local store. The wait for an iPad mini from Apple is […]

Bing for Mobile Brings Deals & More to iPhone and Android

Bing Mobile App

Bing brought a new app to market today, which rounds up a collection of new features for iPhone and Android devices. Inside the new Bing for Mobile app, HTML5 powers the experience, which is also available on on devices like Windows Phone 7, which is not included in this update. Bing excitedly announced the […]

How to Find an iPhone 4S in Stock at Local Stores

Great place to find an iPhone 4S

Now that iPhone 4S launch day is here, many of you are eager to find an iPhone 4S to purchase. If you aren’t waiting for your iPhone 4S to be delivered, your best bet to get one before the end of the month is to find one in stock at a local store. We have […]

Black Friday and Holiday Shopping Mobile Trends for 2011


This holiday shopping season is expected to be a big one for mobile shopping searches. Google projects that 44% of searches for last minute gifts and store location will be made from mobile devices this year, and that 15% of all Black Friday searches  will happen on a smartphone. Rather than a single peak, our […]

19% of Smartphone Users Drop Phones In the Toilet

smartphone toilet use

File this under, why never to shake hands with strangers. According to a survey 39% of smartphone users take their phone into the restroom and an astonishing 19% have dropped their phone into the toilet. That’s right, one in five people you meet today, and possibly shake their hands, are using a smartphone which has spent time in a toilet. Ready […]

Mango Expands Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 International Reach

We’ve also created new keyboards for typing in East Asian languages such as Japanese

Windows Phone 7’s Mango software update will help Microsoft expand its reach and target more markets internationally, adding more language support, additional localized keyboards, and also bring its Windows Phone Marketplace app store to more countries. When Windows Phone 7 was launched, Microsoft announced support for 5 languages–English (U.S. and UK), French, German, Spanish, and […]