New Foursquare App Makes Better Recommendations

New Foursquare

After weeks of teasing, the new Foursquare is now available in the App Store and Google Play. The new app focuses heavily on photos and recommendations. Foursquare users will first notice the new timeline when they launch the app. The new timeline looks fairly similar to the new mobile Facebook and Google+ layouts, and puts […]

Apple’s Find My Friends On iOS 5 Is Google Latitude With Benefits

Find My Friends for iPhone 4S

Today Apple announced Find My Friends, an app that can help users find the people they know through the iPhone without all that messy back and forth of texting: “Where are you?” “By the hot dog stand.” “Which hot dog stand?” “The one near the big tree” “‚Ķ” If this app sounds familiar, it is. […]

Bing to be Preferred Search and Map Provider for BlackBerry


Today at RIM’s BlackBerry World, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that Bing will be the first name in search on RIM’s BlackBerry devices, including the Playbook tablet. This places Microsoft Bing on top of rival Google on yet another major smartphone brand, adding more fuel to the mobile search fire.

Nokia Focuses on Location, Mapping for Growth


After having launched its 3D mapping campaign through Ovi Maps at the Where 2.0 conference in Santa Clara, CA, Nokia may be looking at an even larger re-organization campaign to deliver value to users through location services an apps. Nokia will be bridging its mobile phone business together with Navteq, which it had acquired, and […]

Apple’s Not Spying on You; You’re Spying for Apple


By now everyone has read something about the controversy about Apple tracking people through their iDevices. Unfortunately, most of the information out there is misleading and/or wrong and has been from the beginning. Furthermore, not only does this misinformation not help, but it’s clouding the serious, legitimate problem.

Are You Using Location Services?


Some people really enjoy using location services, but the vast majority of us are not checking with Facebook Places, Foursquare or any other location-based service. As a New York Times article points out, just one percent of Americans use location based services on a weekly basis. Location based ‘check in’ services aren’t going to take […]

How to bookmark your current location on the iPhone

Back from the Blue Ridge, and my first order of business (after the usual first order of business) is to determine the best way to bookmark my current location on my iPhone. The Google Maps app is great when you’re trying to find a place you can name, but not so great when you don’t […]