BadNews Brings Security Headaches for Android Users


According to mobile security firm Lookout, Android users who downloaded one of 32 applications and games in Google Play that were infected with BadNews, could have mobile devices infested with malware. Though the company did inform Google of its findings, and Google acted quickly to remove them and suspend the offending developer’s accounts, the applications that were […]

Symantec Scares Everyone For No Reason (And I’m Not At All Shocked)

Symantec Malware OMG

A few days ago security company Symantec warned the world that malware is rampant on the Android Market and, via a little over a dozen apps, around 5 million users were likely infected. Cue panic. Except: there’s no reason to panic. Right away the makers of Lookout Mobile Security called shenanigans on Symantec’s labeling of […]

Lost Your Phone? Don’t Have A Security App? Time for Plan B.

Plan B

There’s a meme going around the Internets these days that goes: “We live in a world where losing your phone is more dramatic than losing your virginity.” That may be overstating things a bit. Still, losing your phone is a big deal and the cause for a lot of cursing, tears, and anger. Especially if you didn’t put any protection on it.

5 Anti-Malware and Antivirus Apps To Keep Android Safe

mcafee android anti malware

Android smartphone popularity is growing, and along with the growth of the platform, we are seeing an uptick in Android malware attacks. McAfee reports that attacks on Android devices were up 76% this spring. The antivirus company found 44 specific attacks on Android devices, which range from trojans and viruses to apps that message premium […]

Car Jacked? There’s an App for That


A New Jersey dad was going out to grab some food when someone shoved a .380 in his face and sped off with his car. Fortunately, Stalin Guzman had installed Lookout on his Android smartphone. For some reason, Guzman had left his phone in the car. He ran inside his home and called 911. Thanks […]