Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Life Fix Coming Next Year

Nokia Lumia 800

We just got done talking about Verizon’s battery troubles with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and now we shift our attention to a completely different phone that is apparently dealing with battery issues of its own. That phone is Nokia’s Windows Phone, the Lumia 800, and it seems that scores of users are dealing with less […]

Pink Nokia Lumia 800 Coming to French Fashionistas


After having announced a black, magenta, and cyan edition of the current Windows Phone flagship, Nokia will be making a pink version of the Lumia 800 available in France as well. Nokia will be bundling the pink edition alongside a year’s subscription to Cosmopolitan magazine. The pink Lumia 800 (reviewed in black) is coming to Orange […]

Nokia Announces Software Update for Lumia 800, U.S. Looks On With Envy


While the current flagship Nokia Lumia 800 (review) is still not yet available in the U.S. market, the phone is already getting its first helping of a fix thanks to a new software update from Nokia. The Lumia 800 is the debut Windows Phone 7 device from Nokia, which had historically built its smartphone empire […]

iPhone & Android Out, Windows Phone & Lumia In at CNET


CNET UK editor Rich Trenholm, a long-time iPhone user, recently wrote an editorial about why he is giving up his iPhone for–not Android but–Windows Phone 7. Trenholm highlights that it’s the UI that has converted him into “a Windows fan now,” highlighting the difference between the iPhone’s restrictive iOS platform and Android’s chaotic but open […]

Nokia Lumia 800 Sells Out in the Netherlands


Having already topped the sales chart in France, Nokia’s Lumia 800 debut Windows Phone 7 smartphone is now selling out in the Netherlands. After struggling to maintain and grow market share under the Symbian operating system, Nokia had made a bold move earlier this year by declaring that it would tie its fate to that […]

Nokia Lumia 800 Review (Video): Editor’s Choice


Once a dominant player in the phone industry, through a series of mis-steps Nokia had ceded the U.S. smartphone market to Apple, various phone-makers who are using the Google Android operating system, and Research in Motion, which itself is struggling to keep pace in the competitive market. Nokia didn’t want to play ball with carriers […]

Did the Flagship Nokia Lumia 900 Appear in a Leaked Promo Video?


An unannounced Nokia smartphone has appeared in a Windows Phone promo video and many believe the device, with its large screen, to be the leaked but unannounced Nokia Lumia 900, which should best the Lumia 800 on specs. Currently, Nokia has only announced the entry-level Nokia Lumia 710 and the more feature-rich Nokia Lumia 800, […]

Nokia’s Flagship Windows Phone Has Yet to Arrive


While Nokia had debuted a higher-spec’ed Lumia 800 and a mid-range Lumia 710 at Nokia World, head of Nokia France says that you haven’t seen anything yet. In an interview with French newspaper LesEchos, Nokia France compares the Nokia Lumia 800 to the mid-range BMW 5 Series, saying that “We will soon have a full […]

Nokia Lumia 800 Now On Sale at Orange France


The Nokia Lumia 800, the first of two debut Windows Phone 7 devices from Nokia, is now available in France through carrier Orange. The device will retail for 99€ with a 50€ rebate through the carrier is scheduled to ship within 3 days. The Lumia 800, a review on GottaBeMobile is forthcoming this week so stay tuned, […]

Nokia and The Making of The Lumia 800


First off, it still amazes me that Nokia teamed up with Microsoft to throw some Windows Phone love at Nokia’s beautiful handsets. This was almost more shocking to me than Palm teaming up with Microsoft back in 2006 when they loaded up the popular Treo line with Windows Mobile. Verizon hit a homerun with the […]

AT&T Launching Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone with 4G LTE?

Lumia 800

The Verge is reporting that the reason Nokia has held off on releasing a Windows Phone in the United States is because the company wants to release devices that are powered by 4G LTE. As it stands, there isn’t a single 4G LTE Windows Phone device on the market. Well, they are hearing that Nokia […]

Unlocked Nokia Lumia 800 Not Expected Until Early 2012


Nokia’s premier flagship Windows Phone 7 device, the Lumia 800, may not be available in a contract-free SIM-unlocked form until January 2012 according to Internet retailer Clove, which is based in the UK. The smartphone has garnered a lot of interest and attention due to a historic shift from Symbian to Windows Phone 7 manufacturing […]

Telefonica Chides Nokia for Expensive Lumia Windows Phone Pricing


An executive for Telefonica spoke out against Nokia’s new Lumia handsets, which are the debut handset from the Finnish phone-maker to run Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, as being too expensive. The carrier executive notes that if Nokia intends on gaining market share, “they need to bring out devices which are cost-competitive.” However, the pricing […]

Sales of Nokia Lumia 800 Tops Charts in France


Just a week after Nokia had announced the Lumia 800 Windows Phone Mango device, the smartphone is now topping sales charts in France on retailer Phonehouse.Fr, beating out the iPhone 4S, Android, and other devices. Interestingly, the Bada OS-powered Samsung Wave 575 came in second just after the Nokia Lumia 800. It’s still too early in […]

Nokia to Enable Tethering on Lumia 800 Via Software Update


Nokia has confirmed that although the high-end Lumia 800 Windows Phone Mango device will launch without tethering out of the box, tethering will be coming to the smartphone via a software update at a later date. Tethering has been a long requested feature since the debut of Windows Phone, and the inclusion of tethering may […]

Nokia Aims High, But Shoots Low for U.S. Market


When Nokia unveiled the company’s debut Lumia Windows Phone devices at Nokia World in London last week, it only made vague  comments that Nokia-branded smartphones running on Microsoft’s mobile OS would hit the U.S. market in early 2012. Now, Nokia’s American head Chris Weber is offering more insight into the company’s strategy for the U.S., […]

Nokia’s First Windows Phone Ad Misses the Mark

Nokia Lumia 710

Yesterday, Nokia finally made its highly anticipated Windows Phone devices official introducing the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710 to the world. Well, as AdAgeDigital reports, Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop has promised a marketing blitz triple the size of any previous launch in order to promote these two phones in Europe this year and in […]