New Wireless Charging Pad Leaked for Nokia Lumia 820, 920


It looks like the leaked Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 smartphones that will be announced this week in New York City will get some cool wireless charging accessories. Newly leaked red wireless charging pads fromĀ @evleaks suggest that these wireless charging pads may be optional accessories and will likely come in the […]

Nokia Teases Ahead of Windows Phone 8 Announcement (Video)

Screen Shot 2012-08-29 at 2.06.16 PM

Nokia is teasing it’s Windows Phone 8 announcement ahead of its event with Microsoft on September 5th. In the video, Nokia claims that “Things Are About to Change” with whatever it’s going to be announcing on September 5th. The 21 second vignette doesn’t specifically say what’s going to change but we can assume that it […]

Nokia Phi Rumors: Massive Display, Thin Design, Windows Phone 8


The Nokia Phi, rumored to be one of Nokia’s Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8, has seemingly emerged from the shadows once again today. According to MyNokiaBlog, Eldur Murtazin talked to a site called Obozrevatel which claims to have knowledge of the Nokia Phi. Apparently, the device is indeed going to be rocking a massive […]

New Nokia Leak Is Likely Lumia Phi Screen

Nokia Lumia Phi leaked screen

In just over two weeks Nokia will likely announce its new Windows Phone 8 devices in New York City, and we’re already seeing leaks of the devices. The latest leak comes from WPCentral and shows a 4-inch screen for an upcoming Nokia phone. The screen looks very similar to the one of the leaked Phi […]

Nokia Puts Samsung on Notice with Lumia


Nokia and Microsoft will be hosting a joint event coming up on September 5th and it’s looking like they might show off some new Lumia hardware at the event. A tweet from Nokia’s executive vice president of sales and marketing Chris Weber, first reported by CNET, not only teases new Lumia hardware presumably running Windows […]

Nokia Integrates Groupon Deals Into Maps


Nokia Maps, which is currently available exclusively to Nokia’s Lumia-branded line of Windows Phone 7 smartphones, has recently been updated to incorporate Groupon deals. When users search for a business or categories of businesses, a map will populate with the usual pins. However, if there are any specials, discounts, or offers that are going on, […]

Nokia’s September 7 Event Won’t Debut New Phones


When we had reported that Nokia has something planned for September 7, there were speculations that Nokia may introduce new smartphone models or perhaps debut some tantalizing new information about Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 as the scheduled date falls just after the Nokia World conference closes. However, as we find out, September 7 will not […]

Nokia Drive 3.0 Comes To Lumia Windows Phones

Nokia Drive 3.0

In Windows Phone 8 Microsoft will use the latest version of Nokia Drive as part of the main OS to give users turn-by-turn directions. Lumia users, however, don’t have to wait for Windows Phone 8 to get some of the new Nokia Drive features. Today Nokia announced that Nokia Drive 3.0 is now available in […]

Nokia Lumia Activations “Were Flat to Up” After Windows Phone 8 Announcement


Despite news that Windows Phone 8 won’t make it to current Windows Phone devices, Nokia’s Stephen Elop claims it didn’t negatively impact Lumia sales. According to The Verge, during Nokia’s Q2 earnings call, Elop said “Lumia activations were flat to up in the weeks following Windows Phone 8 announcement.” So while those Windows Phones will […]

Nokia Only Sells 600,000 Phones in U.S.


After another quarter of shipping Windows Phones in the U.S. Nokia’s future still isn’t looking very good. In its Q2 2012 earnings report Nokia revealed that Lumia sales in the U.S. aren’t exactly taking off. Despite the ads Nokia, Microsoft, and AT&T put out for the Lumia 900, the company only managed to ship 600,000 […]

Nokia Winding Down Lumia Production Ahead of Windows Phone 8 Launch


Nokia may be slowing down productions of its current Windows Phone Lumia smartphones, which are based on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.x operating system, in anticipation of new Lumias launching later this year based on Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows Phone 8 OS. According to a report onĀ DigiTimes, Nokia’s manufacturing partner Compal Communications saw a steep 39.5% decline […]

Nokia Developer Portal Points to Lumia 1001 Windows Phone Smartphone


In addition to the leaked and rumored Nokia Lumia 910, Nokia’s developer portal had pointed to a reference to another un-announced and un-released Lumia 1001 smartphone. At this point, like the Lumia 910, there isn’t any information available regarding the Lumia 1001 smartphone, but if it is released under the same number scheme, this device […]

Nokia Lumia 910 Rumored to Debut With Windows Phone 8 OS


A new handset has surfaced on Nokia’s developer portal and it appears that the named Lumia 910 smartphone may be among the first smartphones to debut with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform when that OS will be released later this year. Earlier this year, we had heard about the Lumia 910 branding and it was […]

Nokia Exec Hints at Windows Phone Lumia With PureView Coming Soon


Nokia has made it no secret that it intends to bring its PureView imaging technology found on its Symbian-powered Nokia 808 smartphone to its Windows Phone Lumia lineup in the past. Now, it seems that the date where a Lumia PureView Windows Phone smartphone would debut is getting closer as Nokia VP of Worldwide Developer […]

Microsoft Threw All Their Friends Under The Bus

Windows Phone 8

Stunned. That’s the only word to describe my reaction this week after seeing Microsoft turn on all their hardware partners as they reboot their entire strategy. What’s truly ridiculous is it didn’t have to come to this.

Nokia Confirms PureView Technology for Windows Phones

Nokia Confirms PureView Technology for Windows Phones

Nokia has confirmed that its PureView camera technology will be headed to Windows Phones at some point in the future. Chris Weber, Nokia’s U.S. President, confirmed the good news in an interview with Howard Chui of the popular site, Howard’s Forums. In the lengthy interview, which was first reported by WPSauce, Weber says that PureView […]

Nokia Adds Social to Nokia Maps for Windows Phone


The Nokia Maps app for Windows Phone is now in version 2.0 and along with the upgrade in version number, Nokia has also added some new features to its maps app. Nokia is now adding a social layer and crowd sourcing some of reviews of places and destinations. The new Nokia Maps 2.0 app now […]

Google Fingers Blame at Microsoft, Nokia for Rising Phone Prices


Google had filed a complaint with the European Commission accusing smartphone rivals Nokia and its partner Microsoft of colluding over patents and intellectual property, which in effect is creating rising smartphone costs for consumers. The complaint was filed by the Android operating system maker on Thursday. Google says that Windows Phone OS-creator Microsoft through its […]

Skype for Nokia Lumia 610 Pulled from Windows Phone Marketplace

Skype for Nokia Lumia 610 Pulled from Windows Marketplace

Bad news for Nokia Lumia 610 owners as Nokia has gone ahead and pulled the cord on the Skype client for the budget device. In a statement made to WeLoveWP, courtesy of WMPowerUser, the company confirmed that it had yanked Skype for the Lumia 610 from the Windows Marketplace because the user experience wasn’t ‘up […]

Lumia Now Overtakes Droid On Google Search


It looks like in under a year since Nokia had debuted the Lumia series of Windows Phone devices, the Lumia brand is now gaining mind share against more stablished product lines, such as Motorola Mobility’s Droid series based on Google’s Android operating system. According to the latest Google search statistics, it appears that the search […]