Why iPhone 5s Users Don’t Need a Smartwatch: The M7 Chip


This last weekend was a fun one to watch mobile tech sites. Samsung put its new line of Gear smartwatches on sale. That includes the sexy-looking Gear Fit, which is more of a smartwatch and fitness tracker combination. Now that gadget bloggers and the media are getting their hands on the $200 device we’re seeing […]

iPhone 5s Got the Moves with New Nike+ App


After initially debuting on stage as part of Apple’s keynote unveiling of the flagship iPhone 5s, the Nike+ Move activity tracker app is now live in the App Store as a free download. Like other wearable fitness fears like the Nike+ Fuelband, the new Nike+ Move app helps track movement using motion and GPS data […]

A Tale of Two iPads: Comparing the iPad Air and the iPad 4

iPad Air and iPad 4 comparisons

Comparisons are the name of the game in mobile tech. Products get compared, sometimes when they aren’t even in the same gadget category. Those with insatiable appetites for new shiny gadgets devour every word, every benchmark, and well everything they can get their eyeballs on to see what’s what about what’s new. This is certainly […]

5 Apps That Use the iPhone 5s’s New M7 Motion Chip

Screenshot 2013-10-18 14.28.05

Apple launched the iPhone 5s last month to much fanfare. The overall design of the phone stayed the same compared to the iPhone 5 (as expected), but the iPhone 5s received a wealth of internal hardware updates, including an all-new processor, along with what Apple calls the M7 motion coprocessor that’s aimed to provide more […]

Pedometer++ Is the Newest App to Use iPhone 5s M7 Chip


A small handful of iOS apps are already taking advantage of the iPhone 5s’s M7 motion coprocessor, including full-featured fitness apps. However, a new app has been released that mixes the complexity of the M7 chip with the simplicity of the app itself. Pedometer++ is a simple, single-page pedometer app, and it’s the latest app […]

Apple iPhone 5S to Include New Technology Focus on Motion, Fitness

Many who didn't stay up late for the iPhone 5 didn't get an iPhone 5.

Apple announced today a new chip focused on motion, and they’re calling it the M7. The company says it works alongside the new A7 processor in the iPhone 5S as a motion co-processor, and it will essentially enable a new generation of health and fitness apps, according to Apple. The M7 chip is in charge of measuring motion […]

Verizon HTC One Release Possibly Inches Closer

A Verizon HTC One will face stiff competition.

The heavily rumored and highly anticipated Verizon HTC One may have gotten closer to a release date with a newly discovered Wi-Fi certification pegged as being the evidence. The Verizon HTC One has been the subject of rumors for several months now, dating back to before the actual HTC One announcement in February. Shortly after […]

Verizon HTC One Launch Takes Yet Another Twist

The HTC One Android 4.2 update has been pegged for July by French carrier SFR.

The demand for a Verizon HTC One is still out there but there still aren’t any clear signs of an impending launch despite several twists that have occurred in recent days including another that emerged today in the form of a deal that Verizon is hosting for the Droid DNA, a device that a Verizon […]

Verizon HTC One Details Trickle Out, But They’re Confusing

The HTC One Mini could arrive in just a few short weeks.

Earlier today, new information regarding the rumored Verizon HTC One surfaced, information that indicated that Verizon could be closing in on an announcement and a release date for the all-metal phone. That same tipster though has released some new information in regards to the Verizon HTC One release and some of it has only added […]

Verizon HTC One Predictions: Release Date, Specs & More

A Verizon HTC One will face stiff competition.

Talk from an HTC PR representative has rekindled the interest in the rumored Verizon HTC One, a device that has been rumored for a number of months but has yet to hit shelves. With information at a premium, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what HTC and Verizon have up their sleeves but that doesn’t mean […]

HTC One: 5 New Things to Know

The HTC One could launch today on Verizon.

Last month, the HTC One arrived on shelves in regions across the world including in the United States where AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile welcomed it with open arms. And now that the dust has settled, and the device has made itself comfortable on the shelves of those three major carriers, it’s time to assess the […]

Sprint HTC One Arrives in New Color

The HTC One Nexus will hit Google Play in June.

The Sprint HTC One, which arrived earlier this month on the carrier’s 4G LTE network, has now arrived in a new color today as the carrier confirmed that the anticipated black version of the HTC One is now available to order alongside the silver version of HTC’s most current smartphone. Read: Black AT&T HTC One […]

HTC One Launch Hits Another Snag

HTC One Review -  009

While the HTC One officially went on sale today in the United States on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, other versions of the device are facing delays as HTC has informed customers who ordered the HTC One Developer Edition and unlocked HTC One model that their orders are facing a slight delay from their original release […]

HTC One Arrives Early in the U.S.

htc one back

The AT&T HTC One, which isn’t slated to hit shelves until April 19th and which was thought to be arriving early for some of those that pre-ordered, has indeed arrived early for at least some who ordered early. Read: HTC One Review. HTC’s new HTC One will be landing in the United States, at least […]

AT&T HTC One Arriving Early, Ahead of Release Date

AT&T HTC One orders will arrive as early as tomorrow.

While the AT&T HTC One may not be making it to virtual and online shelves until April 19th, it appears that some of those that pre-ordered the HTC One through AT&T may get their device early as shipments are now on the way to some customers who placed a pre-order for HTC’s latest and greatest […]

T-Mobile HTC One Comes with Clean Looks

This is the back of the T-Mobile HTC One.

It looks like T-Mobile might be following the lead of the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 as photos reveal that T-Mobile’s HTC One, set for a release on April 24th, may come with a lack of retail branding, a departure from designs of past flagship Android smartphones. Read: T-Mobile HTC One Release Set for April 24. […]

Verizon HTC One Mysteries: 6 Questions Remain

The HTC One runs HTC Sense 5 with HTC Blinkfeed and a collection of other features.

Today, Sprint became the second U.S. carrier to start taking pre-orders for the HTC One, joining fellow carrier AT&T which started taking pre-orders for the highly anticipated device yesterday. T-Mobile will be announcing its plans soon. However, despite confirmations from all three of those carriers, we still have some question remaining about the HTC One, […]

HTC One Shipping April 16th in U.S.

The HTC One will start shipping April 16th in the U.S.

While the HTC One won’t be officially touching down on shelves in the U.S. until April 19th, the date that AT&T and Sprint will start offering it, AT&T says that it will be shipping out orders to those who pre-order on April 16th, which could potentially mean it will arrive early for at least some […]

HTC One: 5 Things to Know

The AT&T HTC One will be the only one with 64GB of storage.

Today, after a lengthy delay, HTC One pre-orders will kick off in the United States, ushering in the company’s new flagship smartphone that will be arriving to take on the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5. We’ve heard quite a bit about this phone in terms of features, from its high-resolution display […]

HTC One Pre-Orders Kick Off in U.S.

The Nexus 4 is competing against the likes of the HTC One.

After a bit of a delay, the HTC One will go up for pre-order today in the United States with AT&T set to start taking pre-orders for the all-metal flagship that will be touching down on both it and Sprint later on this month. Read: HTC Explains the HTC One Ultrapixel Camera. In February, HTC […]