Verizon HTC One Said to Be in Testing, Release Pegged at 3-4 Months

The HTC One is set to arrive later this month.

While the Verizon won’t be launching the HTC One when AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint do in just a few weeks, the carrier with the largest 4G LTE network in the United States is said to have a variant in testing with a release date that evidently could come in three to four months. Read: HTC […]

HTC One vs. Samsung Galaxy S3

The Galaxy S3 in the U.S. remains without the Premium Suite.

On February 19th, HTC unveiled its latest smartphone creation, the HTC One, a device that was previously known as the HTC M7. The HTC One will be HTC’s flagship smartphone and in other regions for at least the first part of 2013 and it will be competing against smartphones both new and old for the […]

HTC One vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 (Rumored)


At the end of 2012, two big name Android smartphones seemingly leaked to the surface. One, the HTC M7 finally arrived earlier this week as the HTC One, the company’s 2013 flagship that is set to replace the HTC One X and the HTC One X+. The other, the Samsung Galaxy S4, has yet to […]

Red HTC One Future Remains Unclear

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 12.01.03 PM

Yesterday, HTC announced the new HTC One flagship smartphone, a device that will be the company’s answer to the iPhone 5, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4, and the many other smartphones that dot the landscape in 2013. And while it may have announced the phone, mysteries still remain including its release date in the U.S. […]

HTC One Release Could Crash Galaxy S4 Launch

HTC One Launched aka M7

While HTC may have been coy about specific dates in regards to the HTC One release date, at least one retailer and carrier in the United Kingdom have confirmed what could be the HTC One’s full-fledged release in the UK. It’s also a date that comes suspiciously close to the supposed Samsung Galaxy S4 launch […]

6 Ways the Samsung Galaxy S4 Could Beat the HTC One


No smartphone is perfect as even the iPhone 5‘s and the Samsung Galaxy S4‘s of the world have their drawbacks. The same goes for the HTC One (HTC M7), HTC’s newly announced smartphone that will be coming to the market to compete with the likes of the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S4. We’ve already […]

8 HTC One Features You’ll Actually Care About

Video thumbnail for youtube video 8 HTC One Features You'll Actually Care About

After several weeks of rumors and anticipation, HTC finally announced its latest flagship smartphone, the HTC One (HTC M7), a phone that will replace the HTC One X and take on the likes of the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4. Read: HTC One Carrier Comparison. On stage, HTC showed off the HTC One, […]

HTC One: AT&T vs. Sprint vs. T-Mobile


The HTC One is HTC’s new flagship smartphone which the company will be putting on the market to compete with the likes of the iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and quite possibly the iPhone 5S if and when it arrives. Those looking for a new smartphone will surely be looking at the HTC One […]

HTC One (M7): Everything We Think We Know


Rumor has it, HTC is preparing to launch its next flagship smartphone in less than a week, a device that was originally thought to be called the HTC M7 but is now believed to be called the HTC One, a rift off of the company’s HTC One Series from last year. So far, we’ve heard […]

Black HTC M7 Surfaces, Looks Like the iPhone 5

Video thumbnail for youtube video HTC M7 (HTC One) U.S. Release Date Pegged for March 22nd

The HTC M7 (HTC One) is heavily rumored to be HTC’s next flagship smartphone and it’s widely believed to be launching at an event next week. However, the device just can’t seem to stay in the shadows and it appears that another leak has emerged in the form of the black HTC One model that […]

HTC M7 (HTC One) U.S. Release Date Pegged for March 22nd

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 10.47.14 AM

The HTC M7, the flagship smartphone thought to be called HTC One and launching on February 19th, has already been pegged to have a March 8th release date in Europe. Now, finally, we’re hearing details about the HTC M7 U.S. release date which is reportedly set for March 22nd on the networks of AT&T, T-Mobile […]

HTC Steals Droid DNA Ad Campaign for HTC M7


The HTC M7 (HTC One), the long-awaited HTC flagship smartphone that is thought to be arriving on February 19th, has been teased again in bizarre fashion in a teaser that appears to be ripped straight from the advertising campaign for one of HTC’s other devices, the Droid DNA. Read: HTC M7 Screen Size & Retail […]

HTC M7 Screen Size & Retail Name All But Confirmed


The HTC M7, the high-end flagship that HTC will likely be launching at two launch events on February 19th, has emerged again today with a reliable source claiming that the device will not only be called HTC One when it hit shelves but that it will also come sporting a 4.7-inch display, two pieces of […]

HTC One Launch Teased On Facebook and Twitter


The HTC M7, thought to be called the HTC One, has seemingly been teased again of its expected arrival at launch events on February 19th. This time, instead of a bizarre teaser, HTC seems to be teasing a bit of the phone’s design, with what appears to be a silver edge protruding behind the February […]

5 Best HTC M7 Rumors


Along with the Samsung Galaxy S4, the HTC M7 aka the HTC One is one of the most heavily rumored and anticipated phones of the first half of 2013. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a number of HTC M7 rumors leak out seemingly confirming everything from its retail name to its camera to […]

Can the HTC M7 Compete with the Galaxy S4?


As rumor would have it, HTC and Samsung are once again appear to be set on an Android collision course of epic proportions. This year the battle will likely be between the¬†HTC M7 (now though to be called the HTC One) and the Samsung Galaxy S4 battling for supremacy, instead of the HTC One X […]

HTC M7 Could Hit Shelves as HTC One


The HTC M7, HTC’s oft-rumored Android flagship, was thought to be coming to the market with the HTC M7 name. However, a new rumor has thrown a potential wrench in that rumor as it now looks as though the HTC M7 could come to the market known as the HTC One. Read: HTC M7 Release […]

HTC M7 Release Date Pegged for March 8th, Again


The HTC M7, heavily rumored to be the company’s 2013 flagship, has surfaced in rumors again today and this time, it’s another possible indication that the M7 release date could be taking place on March 8th in Europe. Read: iPhone 5S vs. HTC M7 (Rumored). Rumors about the HTC M7 have been swirling since last […]

Bizarre HTC M7 Teaser Surfaces Ahead of Launch


While HTC doesn’t exactly spell it out in the teaser itself, a new teaser image from HTC is almost certainly for the upcoming HTC M7, a device that is rumored to launch on February 19th in both London and in New York City. Read: HTC Teases Rumored HTC M7 Feature. HTC just hasn’t seemed to […]