Mac OS X Yosemite vs Windows 8.1

OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Whether Apple took inspiration from Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone when creating the iOS 8 operating system it’s preparing for the iPhone & iPad will be hotly debated for months to come. The same can’t be said for whether Mac OS X Yosemite takes inspiration from Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 operating system. Apple announced OS […]

SimCity For Mac Release Set for August 29th

SimCity allows users to build large networks of small interdependent cities.

Mac users who have been waiting for their chance to become mayor of a virtual city will finally get their turn on August 29th when SimCity for Mac debuts. According to Polygon, on that day users will be able to pick up the city simulation game at full price for their Mac, if they haven’t purchased the […]

iTunes Radio for Mac Arrives: iTunes 11.1 Beta Tour

itunes Radio Tour - 1

For the first time since it unveiled its new iTunes Radio service during its World Wide Developer Conference, we’re finally getting our first glimpse of the service in a native desktop application; iTunes. As part of the iTunes Music Match subscription service, users pay $25 a year for the radio service on all of their […]