New Macbook Air goes smaller and cheaper


The “one more thing” at today’s Apple event was a new Macbook Air. Steve teased us by mentioning some of the features they’re taking from the iPad for this new MBA, but ultimately, it’s just a smaller, newer model. Oh, and it has a younger brother.   

Mac OS X Lion: OS X meets the iPad


At today’s “Back to the Mac” event, Steve Jobs and company showed off Mac OS X 7 a.k.a. Lion. Unlike the Snow Leopard release, which was primarily under the hood improvements, Lion is mostly UI improvements, specifically features they’re bringing in from the iPad and iOS.   

How a Photo Editing Services Company Uses Evernote

Screen shot 2010-08-13 at 11.15.36 AM

I’m a big fan of Evernote, a service that’s the best note taking service out there in my opinion. Calling it a note taking solution is a bit of an understatement considering all of its features. Today, Evernote released a promo video showing how Aviary, a company that offers creative apps in the cloud, uses […]

BumpTop bumps out a Mac version


Hmmm… BumpTop, a touch and gesture based interface for working with your computer files, formerly for Windows only, has been released for Mac. Seems to work great via the multi-touch trackpad, as seen in the video demo (after the jump), but I must assume they’re also hoping to get some touchscreen love on an Apple […]

Congrats to SyncMate Winners!

The following GottaBeMobile readers have won a full license to Eltima Software’s SyncMate, a program that enables easy syncing between Windows Mobile devices and Mac OS X: Bito, Nike, R, Michael Anderson, and tivoboy.   Check out this post to learn more about SyncMate and read the winning comments.   We appreciate Eltima Software’s participation […]

Last Day to Win Eltima Software SyncMate!


Remember that today is your last opportunity for a chance to win Eltima Software’s SyncMate software which syncs your Windows Mobile device with Mac OS X.   Hit up this GBM post for full details and to enter.   Leave your comments suggesting new features for future versions of SyncMate, and you could walk away […]

What Would You Pay for an OSX Netbook?


Netbooks and other affordable devices are booming, but Apple’s stayed out of the game thus far. Some are speculating that Apple will announce a netbook or a device that resembles a jumbo iPod Touch will be announced at WWDC. There’s no shortage of people clamoring for such a device, but I wonder how much people […]

Rare Touchscreen iMac Surfaces on Craigslist


While not a mobile device, our fascination with all things touch at GBM has us wanting to learn more about this rare, early generation iMac with an installed touchscreen.   The seller’s brief description tells us that these limited edition iMacs were originally used in kiosks requiring touch input.   A measly $70 OBO will […]

Don’t Let Your Pen Run Out of Ink, Michael!


Back in the hay day of Tablet PCs, I had exchanged quite a few emails with Michael Hyatt, the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. He was quite taken with the promise and potential productivity benefits of digital ink. In addition, Michael played a key role in my getting the New King James Version text for […]

The Big Apple Letdown: No Mac Netbook is a Good Thing


One word has been used by journalists to describe Apple’s last Macworld: dull.   Blogs such as Unpluggd featured polls for readers to chime in on what new products they expected from Apple.   An Apple netbook, a redesigned iPhone and an Apple Tablet appeared to lead the buzz.   The hype was huge, but […]

MacHeist Wants to Give You Free Presents for Christmas!


Want to add a few Mac goodies under your Christmas tree?   Head on over to the MacHeist Giving Tree where the MacHeist folks are promising some free goodies for your Holiday Season.   Refer a friend and they’ll give you a few early presents.   Check out the packages under the tree now and […]

VMWare’s Fusion 50% Off – 1 Day Only

If running Windows on your Mac is your thing, then you might want to check out this awesome deal on VMWare’s Fusion: 50% off, 1 day only. Regularly priced at $79.99, on sale for $39.99. Use coupon code CyberMondayDeal. Deal expires 11:59 PM PST, December 1, 2008.   

Apple Products Getting Discounted Too

iPods, iPhones, multi-touch Macs, and much more will be discounted coming Friday. You will definitely find deals at Best Buy and other authorized retailers, and by shopping at Apple’s retail store and online store. Be sure to visit their online store on Friday to checkout their discounts before heading out.   

Custom Mac Multitouch Application


Want to customize those gestures on your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro? Well, now you can do just that with an application called MultiClutch.  MultiClutch allows you to assign keyboard gestures associated to a specific program to a gesture on the touchpad. MultiClutch works by installing a simple input manager that will catch a gesture […]

I’m A PC: It Is Helping Me Restore My Life

C-141XLer is a PC. It is helping him restore his life. – C-141XLer I’m A PC because: Mostly I’m a TabletPC for without it, I would not be able to continue in school. I injured myself after 17 years on the job in an ambulance. I had cervical and lumbar surgeries and can not carry […]

LiveScribe Now Mac Compatible, Public Beta Announced

Mac note-takers now rejoice. LiveScribe’s pen and software are now Mac compatible, and they are inviting Mac-users to paricipate in a public beta for free. The official version will be releaed in Q1 2009. In addition to being Mac-compatible, LiveScribe also introduced new features, just for the Windows crowd, that allow users to print their […]

Weekend Discussion: Your Advice for New Mobile Warriors

Here’s the deal: you are at party doing the normal chit-chat, when the topic starts to change to what people do for a living, etc. You hear someone mention that they are starting a new business that will put them on the road a lot more and they need help sorting a bunch of stuff […]

Congratulations To Our “I’m A PC” Winners

Kudos to the following folks who are mighty proud to be a PC. They’ll each receive an exclusive Microsoft ““I’m A PC” t-shirt and get their story published on the front page of GoodThings2Life Herushan MobileMan Utkarsh Seth C-14XLer Steven Amitai Rosenberg Ouzome Send me an email ([email protected]) with your address and I’ll get […]

Windows Mobile and Mac Play Nice with Eltima SyncMate

One of the biggest reasons that I’ve always strayed from Windows Mobile devices such as the Palm Treo or HTC Touch was their inability to easily sync calendar appointments, contacts, and tasks with my MacBook.   Thankfully, Eltima Software has delivered an easy to use solution.   For the past week I have been using […]