What to Expect at WWDC 2012

What to Expect at WWDC 2012

With Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) set to kick off in just a few days, we wanted to take a look at what Apple may or may not be announcing at WWDC 2012. Last year’s WWDC was vastly different from the conferences in the past as Apple shifted from the event from the […]

TwelveSouth SurfacePad Adds Leather Palmrest to MacBook Air

TwelveSouth SurfacePad Leather Palmrest for MacBook Air

Users who spend all day typing on the MacBook Air should check out the TwelveSouth SurfacePad, a new leather palm rest that attaches to the MacBook Air. The SurfacePad is made of Napa leather and sticks on to the MacBook Air with a light adhesive to deliver a more comfortable palm rest. The leather is […]

Retina Display Macs Coming This Summer According to Analyst

MacBook Air for travel

One analyst now thinks we’ll see new Macs with Retina Displays sometime in the near future, probably this summer. According to The Wall Street Journal, one analyst is now predicting a new lineup of Macs with Retina Display, including new MacBook Air models in the next few months. The analyst, Ben Reitzes of Barclays Capital, believes […]

Should I Buy a Notebook, iPad or Netbook for Travel?

iPad 2 for travel

Professor X was planning a laptop-free trip to Israel Palestine, but thanks to a new deadline she needs to complete a proof of her new book within days of her return. After consulting with travelers to the region, who suggested not leaving the laptop in her hotel, she was ready to buy a great backpack to keep her notebook […]

Liquidmetal to Make Bigger Impact on Apple’s Mobile Lineup


Apple is looking to capitalize on its investment on Liquidmetal Technologies’ tough and durable coating to replace the aluminum and glass found on many of its portable and mobile products, ranging from iPhones to now Mac computers. While on this is in the rumor stages at this time, it is believed that the Mac-maker will […]

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook vs. MacBook Air (Video)

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook vs. MacBook Air Size

The Dell XPS 13 is an impressive notebook, and easily the best Ultrabook yet. It’s really the first Ultrabook that competes with the MacBook Air thanks to a starting price of $999, powerful internals and great looks. The Dell XPS 13 compares favorably to both MacBook Air models, but offers a better value than the […]

To Beat the MacBook Air, the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Needs To Be in Stores

Apple Store Within Best Buy

The Dell XPS 13 is a new $999 Ultrabook from Dell, capable of competing with the MacBook Air in looks, price and performance, but the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook is at a huge disadvantage. You can’t go into any local store to see, touch and use the XPS 13, essential steps in the purchase process, especially for a notebook […]

Best of 2011 Awards


Here’s a list of products and services that represent the best gear we have seen all year. Most of the gadgets and services on this list are so good that many of the GottaBeMobile staff own them and use them on a daily basis. That says a lot considering that some of us go hands-on […]

AMD Readying MacBook Air, Ultrabook Challenger


Chipmaker AMD may be readying an ultra-sleek notebook platform to challenge Apple’s MacBook Air and rival Intels’ Ultrabook. The company hinted at its plan in a recent interview with The Australian. AMD wouldn’t use Intel’s Ultrabook moniker, however, and the company would create its own brand, perhaps Ultrathin. In order for AMD to be successful […]

MacBook Air Deals Starting at $699 Direct From Apple

Macbook Air Deal

Apple has just cut the prices of many refurbished MacBook Air models in their online store by up to 25%. These MacBook Air models are from 2010, so they look the same as the ones you see on the shelf today, but they have an older Intel Core 2 Duo processor. Still, this is a […]

Best Holiday Gadget Gifts For Students

echo smartpen

Shopping for a high school or college student this holiday? Maybe they didn’t get everything they needed during the Back to School rush, or perhaps they’ve discovered new needs now that the semester is about to end. Or maybe you just want to up their game with a sweet gift that will make their lives […]

Apple Black Friday 2011: What to Wait For

Black Friday Mac Deals

With Black Friday but a few weeks away, more readers are asking us what to expect from Apple on Black Friday 2011. Black Friday is November 25th, the day after Thanksgiving. We briefly covered Black Friday predictions last month, but now we are taking a deeper dive into Apple Black Friday 2011 plans and predictions. […]

Apple to Completely Re-Design iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Line in 2012

iPhone 5 mockup - what it might look like with a bigger screen

2012 may be a big year for Apple as the company plans to overhaul and offer new designs for its mobile product line, which includes the iPhone smartphone, iPad tablet, and MacBook notebook line. Supplier sources informed DigiTimes of new component and parts orders that would corroborate the claims of new redesigns for 2012. The […]

PlugBug Charges Your MacBook, iPad and iPhone With A Single Plug

plug bug Macbook and iPad charger

File this one under, awesome accessories for travelers. The PlugBug is a small adapter that attaches to your Apple notebook power adapter and adds a USB charger capable of charging your iPhone or iPad. The add-on couples to your Apple charger, in place of the extension cord or plug adapter, allowing you to leave one of your […]

Happy Ending to a Month of MacBook Air Issues

MacBook Air Issue

Yesterday marked the end of the second longest customer support issue I have had with a company, almost taking the title from Sony’s car audio division. As I previously shared, my MacBook Air went crazy earlier this month, displaying a black bar on the display as well as exhibiting some performance quirks. I dropped it […]

Acer Dismisses Apple’s Success on iPad, MacBook Air


Though still un-matched by rivals in their respective spaces, Acer founder Stan Shih is dismissing the Cupertino, California’s success with the iPad tablet and MacBook Air ultraportable computer. Shih says that these fad products are just ‘short-term phenomena,’ and that his company will be coming out with its own products to compete in these respective […]

Timbuk2 Quickie Review: Great 11″ MacBook Air Bag

macbook-air-review 9

I recently purchased a Quickie bag from Timbuk2 to serve as a carrying case for my 11″ MacBook Air.  Some would call it a man purse, but I’m much more concerned about saving my back than making a fashion statement. I was originally looking for a simple notebook sleeve for my MacBook Air when I […]

11″ MacBook Air Review: Out-of-Box Experience (video)

macbook-air-11-inch-review (3)

Apple’s computers have had the best out-of-box experience for several years. The experience is now even better with the introduction of the new MacBook Air models and OSX Lion. As someone that’s purchased more than a dozen Macs, I’m used to the unboxing experience. If you haven’t bought a Mac in a while (if ever) […]

11″ MacBook Air Review: 5 Hours of Battery Life is Easy

MacBook Air Back

Apple claims that the 11″ MacBook Air can run for up to five hours on a single charge. Once again, Apple’s battery life claims are accurate and perhaps a bit conservative. It’s hard to take most PC manufacturers’ battery life claims seriously. The problem is that manufacturers often advertise  battery benchmark results that don’t reflect […]