MacBook Air Review Part 5: What I Don’t Like

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I wrote earlier this week that new 13″ MacBook Air is the best laptop I’ve ever bought or used. But that doesn’t mean its perfect. In this portion of my multi-part MacBook Air review I’ll tell you about some of the things I don’t like about the MacBook Air and things that I hope Apple […]

MacBook Air Review Part 3: Keyboard and Trackpad


In this portion of my multi-part MacBook Air review I’m going to discuss the laptop’s keyboard and trackpad. Yesterday I mentioned that the MacBook Air is the best laptop I’ve ever used (MacBook Air Review Part 1). One of the major reasons that I call it that is because of its trackpad and keyboard. There […]

MacBook Air Review Part 2: It’s Like Driving a Mercedes Benz

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I’m doing a multi-part review of my new MacBook Air and have gotten a lot of questions. Geeks and non geeks alike have been asking me about my latest laptop and why I call it the best laptop I’ve ever used. At first glance the MacBook Air has a lot in common with other thin and […]

MacBook Air Review Part 1: The Best Laptop I’ve Ever Used


I picked up a new MacBook Air a few days after it was first introduced and have been using it as my primary mobile computer since then. If you want to skip reading a long block of text, I’ll get to the point. The new MacBook Air is the best laptop I’ve ever purchased or […]

MacBook Air Threatening iPad Sales


Despite recent predictions and projections stating that sales of netbooks and notebooks are being cannibalized by the emerging consumer consumption tablet category that is being led by the popular iPad, the tablet category may be cannibalized by the ultra-portable computer segment that’s being led by the newly unveiled MacBook Air. According to analysts at Rodman […]

Why Apple can accurately estimate battery life and others can’t… yet


As the new Macbook Air gets to reviewers and users, it’s become clear that Apple has made a real breakthrough here. No, it’s not the slimness. Nor is it the responsiveness. It’s the battery life. Not that it lasts particularly long, but that their battery life estimates are proving highly accurate.

Fake MacBook Air is No MacBook Nor Air


Chinese clone-maker E-Stary has received a lot of attention today for its 11.6-inch MacBook Air clone, though the design and device leaves a lot to be desired. Labelled the E-Stary HY118, the clone is essentially a glorified netbook running on Windows 7 stuffed into a chubby silver body and slapped with an Apple logo. The […]

I finally jumped into the water on the dark side


Yes, I have finally purchased a major Apple product. Just last week, I made a comment here on GBM that made me feel better about my choice. I said, “Can I buy Apple products but think Jobs is a pompous jackass? Sure.” Little did I know that I would actually do it. I have purchased  […]

Hands on the New MacBook Air, Future of Notebooks


The new MacBook Air models introduced Wednesday made quite a splash. There’s a lot of hype around Apple’s latest ultraportables, but after going hands-on with one myself I think the hype is well-deserved. After just a few minutes with the new 11.6″ MacBook Air it’s clear that there’s something very different here and it’s worth […]

Apple Ships USB for Software Reinstall on MacBook Air


Mobile device users in these parts have been used to creating install images on USB sticks for quite some time. It isn’t a completely painless process, but it saves some aggravation and the use of a USB optical disk drive if and when you need to do a reinstall, or you’re just playing around with […]

New Macbook Air goes smaller and cheaper


The “one more thing” at today’s Apple event was a new Macbook Air. Steve teased us by mentioning some of the features they’re taking from the iPad for this new MBA, but ultimately, it’s just a smaller, newer model. Oh, and it has a younger brother.

The MacPad:How Apple Could Make a Real Netbook Killer


Steve Jobs has repeatedly said that Apple will not produce a netbook, but Apple could really shake up the market if it were to introduce something similar to the Lenovo U1 Hybrid/LePad. The Lenovo device, which may never actually come to the U.S., is a great concept. The tablet portion is geared for consuming media […]

Hackintosh Netbook Benchmarked


Although putting OS X on your netbook may be illegal and certainly violates the EULA, one curious individual has taken the time to benchmark the MSI Wind clone, the Advent 2411.   JayPan at Apple Different has posted numerous benchmarks comparing the Advent 2411 to an older iBook G4, a MacBook Air, and a Dell […]

Netbook Screens: How Clear Is Your View?


Professional photographers are necessarily picky and finicky creatures when it comes to choosing a display screen for their work. Everything from viewing angles to color-matching is important to their work and the details do matter. Rob Galbraith has put together a comparison between three very different machines and somewhat surprisingly the screen on his Dell […]

Is The Dell Adamo Aiming at the MacBook Air?


Are you awake? Well, according to Dell Spokesman Bob Kaufman the on again/off again teaser ad artwork that we’ve been seeing for the rumored Dell Adamo was intended to send the computer folks a wake cup call: ““We did this to wake up the personal computing category and create some buzz”

Very Thin Dell Inspiron Mini 12 Netbook About to Debut


Looks like the Dell Inspiron Mini 12 wants to contend with the MacBook Air for thin and light status. It certainly knocks the heck out of it on the price front with a $600 pricetag. That said, we’re not seeing all the specs yet, but word is popping out all over on this Sunday about […]