Entertainment Weekly Embeds Android Phone Inside Physical Magazine

EWeekly Logo

It looks like for the October 5th edition of Entertainment Weekly (EW) magazine, readers will be treated to a special 3G-enabled Android device to deliver tweets and advertising. There will only be 1,000 copies of the digitally enhanced magazine in this limited run where Entertainment Weekly will use the Android device to deliver Twitter messages and help to […]

Chicago Tribune, LA Times Explore Creating Tablet Hardware to Sell Newspapers


Tribune Co., the media conglomerate behind the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, and other publications, is looking at entering the tablet hardware space in order to sell newspaper subscriptions. News of Tribune Co.’s foray into the tablet space comes just as we’re hearing that Amazon, which provides music, videos, and books as digital content, […]

Many Blogs Are Now on Death Row


Magazines? What are those? We are living in a time when digital media reigns supreme. If you’re like me, you likely subscribe or follow several blogs to get your daily fill of news and information. If you want to know the news before it is on television, you no doubt follow blogs. The way we […]