Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Bringing Better Magazines to All Devices


Adobe wants to help your favorite magazine publisher make their content more media rich and interactive on smartphones and tablets. Today Adobe announced many interesting improvements to the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, a tool used to create over 1,700 publications on various tablets and smartphones including the iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and smartphones and more. Publishers […]

Best iPad Magazine eReading App

iPad Magazine Apps

The iPad has always been a great magazine and newspaper reading platform, and with the Retina Display update in the iPad 3rd gen, users have one more great reason to go all digital with their periodicals. Many popular magazines put out digital issues in the form of apps, but there are other options, especially if […]

Next Issue for Android is Netflix for Magazines


Next Issue for Android is aiming to take on Apple’s Newstand. The app and accompanying service will be a subscription service for magazines, but in a different way than what has been done on Apple’s a la carte service. What Next Issue does is bring a $9 subscription fee per month to users, giving them […]

Kindle Fire Magazines Are Ugly as Sin

Kindle Fire Magazine

If you want the Kindle Fire for reading magazines, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re in for disappointment. The magazine experience on the Kindle Fire isn’t just bad, its possibly the worst magazine experience I have ever had. Seriously. Update: Publishers that actually try can create decent looking Kindle Fire magazines. […]

How Apple Almost Killed Magazine Subscription Deals

The Magazine is dead. Long live the blog.

When Apple announced in app purchases back in February, the company announced a set of harsh rules for in app subscriptions, specifically regarding the price that publishers could charge for their products and services. Under this policy, the magazine deals that we had come to enjoy were as good as dead because publishers couldn’t afford […]

Newstand Joins iBooks for Your Digital iOS Reading Pleasure


At the WWDC keynote today, Apple introduced the a new app and service called Newstand, which allows users to manage their periodicals, including magazines and newspapers, on their iPad and iPhone. Users who subscribe to their favorite magazines and journals will be able to download new content as they become available automatically in the background. […]

Nook Color App Store Launches, How To Update Early

NOOK Color Apps 1

The Nook Color eReader is also a nice Tablet that has made headway against the Kindle thanks to the inclusion of a color screen and a web browser. Now, the nook Color has another way to standout in a crowded eReader market – Apps. The long-awaited Nook Color app update has been released and delivers Android 2.2, […]

6-Inch Apple Slate: iPad Nano or iPod Touch Max?


Although Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has shunned the idea of a 7-inch tablet form factor, noting that the display size was too small to do much useful work, the Cupertino, California iPad-maker is, however, said to be experimenting with tablets with a smaller form factor. Hot off of the rumor mill is speculation that Apple […]

Magazine Publishers Frustrated w/ Apple to Lead Partnership on Android

magazines stack

Magazine and newspaper publishers who have been frustrated by Apple’s failure to deliver a subscription model and the ability to obtain valuable subscriber information on the iOS platform that powers the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad may form their own partnership to deliver a subscription newsstand on Google’s Android platform. Dubbed Next Issue Media, […]