iPad 2 Camera Used to Shoot The Kennedys Red Carpet Premiere


Majek Pictures was on hand to shoot the red carpet premiere of the new Reelz Channel TV Show The Kennedys. No big deal except that they chose to use the Apple iPad 2 to shoot the event. Sure, it was mainly a publicity stunt just to garner attention for both the show and the new […]

Film Makers Edit on iPad 2, Plan to Shoot With It

Screen shot 2011-03-13 at 10.23.40 PM

Majek Pictures, makers of the iPhone 4-shot action series Goldilocks, put the iPad 2 and iMovie to the test, shooting episode 9 of the series on the iPhone 4 as before. This time they edited it on the iPad 2 using the new iMovie editing app from Apple. The result is pretty impressive. They didn’t […]