Nokia Sabre to Come with Physical Windows Phone 7 Hardware Keys?


Bucking the trend of many, if not all, current Windows Phone 7 handsets, the yet to be announced Nokia Sabre prototype shows a Mango-powered smartphone with physical Windows Phone navigation buttons rather than the capacitive touch buttons of today. While hardware navigation buttons require a little bit more effort to activate–you do have to exert […]

T-Mobile Lists HTC Radar 4G, LG DoublePlay as Coming Soon


The website for T-Mobile USA is now listing the HTC Radar 4G and the LG DoublePlay smartphones as coming soon, with the former running Windows Phone 7 Mango while the latter is sporting the Android operating system. The HTC Radar 4G will join the HTC HD7 on T-Mobile’s Windows Phone lineup, and the Radar will […]

Microsoft Shows Off AT&T’s Mango Smartphone Trio


Microsoft’s Windows Phone portal is now filled with pictures of the next-generation Mango smartphones for AT&T. The U.S. carrier had announced that it will be supporting three new Mango smartphones in its lineup, though release date and pricing were not unveiled, which will include the HTC Titan, the Samsung Focus S, and the Samsung Focus […]

Mango Ripens for HTC HD7S Starting Tuesday


Beginning Tuesday, AT&T’s HTC HD7S Windows Phone 7 handset will begin to receive the Mango software update, though HTC and Microsoft are rolling out the software upgrade gradually in batches so don’t fret if you’re not among the early ones to see a notification for the update. Unfortunately, Mango will not be an OTA update. […]

Dell’s Hiatus From Windows Phone Means No New Mango Phones


Dell has confirmed that it will not be releasing any Windows Phone 7 devices with Microsoft’s latest Mango software. The company will be taking a break from the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system after having released one handset, the Dell Venue Pro, on the platform last year. At the time of release, the Dell […]

Windows Phone Glitch Shuts Out Zune Pass Listeners


Users who have upgraded their HTC-made Windows Phone 7 smartphones to the Mango firmware update are now noticing that their handsets are freezing, or locking up, when they’re using Zune Pass. Users have been complaining and documenting their issues on Microsoft’s support forum, and according to these users, Microsoft is saying that there may be […]

CDMA LG Windows Phone Mango Handset Spotted at FCC; Coming to Sprint, Verizon?


An LG-made Windows Phone Mango handset was spotted at the FCC awaiting U.S. regulatory approval. Of significance is that the device, with the model number LG LS831, contains support for a CDMA radio, which would make the device compatible on either Sprint’s or Verizon’s network. Currently, both U.S. CDMA carriers offer one Windows Phone handset […]

Nokia Lumia, Samsung Monument Outed on Gaming Page


Ocassional Gamer‘s stat page revealed two new un-announced and un-released Windows Phone devices in the form of the Nokia Lumia and the Samsung Monument, though details are scarce about the phones. As to the Nokia, it’s unclear if this will be Nokia’s high-end flagship Windows Phone device or if it will be yet another mid-range […]

Leak Details Specs for Nokia Sun Windows Phone Specs


Just weeks ahead of Nokia’s annual Nokia World conference, a leak has detailed specs for the company’s Nokia Sun, a Windows Phone 7 Mango handset. Nokia has promised in the past that it would have a portfolio of Windows Phones to show by the end of the year, and the Nokia Sun may be one […]

Nokia’s Windows Phone Ace for AT&T Gets Leaked: LTE Included

Ace of Hearts

Nokia may have an ‘Ace’ up its sleeves, and this one is headed for AT&T with dual 4G network support for the carrier’s HSPA+ network and new faster LTE network. Presumably, this will be among the first Windows Phone device with 4G LTE network support as thus far, none of Microsoft’s hardware partners have built […]

Microsoft Canada Leaks Nokia Sabre Windows Phone Name


In addition to Nokia’s Sea Ray Windows Phone, which is similar to the Nokia N9 MeeGo smartphone handset from a hardware design perspective, it appears that Nokia may have another Windows Phone handset codenamed the Nokia Sabre. The name of the phone was leaked as part of a contest by Microsoft Canada. The Windows Phone […]

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Released: Features & Upgrade Details

Windows Phone Mango Update

The Windows Phone 7.5 update, known better as Windows Phone Mango, is finally here. Well, here in a way only Microsoft can use it. Microsoft’s Mango website says that Windows Phone 7 Mango is “here”, but if you try to download it to your phone you might come up empty. Update: If you own the […]

Mango Arrives on HTC Arrive, Trophy Windows Phones at Sprint, Verizon


Retail locations of Sprint and Verizon Wireless stores have begun to receive demo and display units of the HTC Arrive and HTC Trophy respectively with the Mango software pre-installed. Neither carriers nor Microsoft have given an exact release date of when the Mango software update will begin to roll out for these two CDMA Windows […]

Mango Ripens on AT&T on 9/27 for Windows Phone Owners


September 27 will be the magical days for eager Windows Phone 7 owners on AT&T‘s network as the carrier is poised to release the Mango software update to a number of smartphones starting on that date and continuing through October depending on the specific device you own. According to WP Central, which has obtained a […]

Microsoft Claims People Don’t Use Tabs in Mobile Browsing


In justifying some of the changes made to its Mobile Internet Explorer browser–version 9–coming on Windows Phone 7 Mango, Microsoft did its research and finds that people don’t use tabs when browsing on a mobile device. With the Windows Phone 7 Mango software update, Microsoft moved the address bar on Internet Explorer 9 Mobile, hid […]

Beats Audio Also Coming to HTC Windows Phone Handsets


We’ve already heard that Beats Audio will be coming to a number of forthcoming Android handsets, including the re-tooled Sensation XE and the HTC Vigor, and now HTC is also confirming that it will be releasing Windows Phone 7 handsets in the future with the enhanced audio experience. The company had recently made a major […]

Windows Phone Mango Rolling Out Within Two Weeks

Windows Phone Mango

We finally have a launch window for Windows Phone Mango, Microsoft’s latest and greatest piece of software, but unfortunately we still don’t have an exact date to look forward to. Microsoft has however confirmed that the update will be rolling out to existing Windows Phone 7 devices within the next two weeks. As Microsoft’s Eric […]