Windows Phone Now in Third Place, Ahead of BlackBerry


New market share numbers from this past quarter now confirm the rise of Microsoft’s Windows Phone Platform from number four to number three. The numbers, which were provided in a report by research firm IDC, indicate that Windows Phone accounted for 3.2 percent of all smartphones shipped, while BlackBerry devices only accounted for 2.9 percent. […]

Consumer Electronics Industry Slides $4 Billion in 2012


In 2012, the consumer electronics industry in the U.S. continued to show declines for the second year in a row, posting $4 billion less revenues, or a decrease of 2 percent from the year prior. The industry still earned $143 billion in revenue in 2012. In 2011, the industry saw a 1 percent decline in […]

Huawei’s Shocking Third Place Finish in Q4 2012


Huawei made a surprise ascend to the top of the smartphone list with its Ascend range of smartphones in the last quarter of 2012 propelling the Chinese smartphone-maker into a third-place finish in smartphone volume, beating out familiar names like LG, Motorola, Nokia, and others. Apple, with its iPhone, and Samsung with its Galaxy lineup […]

iPad Commanded 88% of Black Friday Tablet Web Traffic


Despite analysts’ predictions of fluctuating tablet market share, when it comes to web traffic for tablets on the busiest consumer retail day of the year, Apple’s iPad still reigns supreme compared to competing Android slates. In a report by IBM, the iPad controlled 88 percent of all web traffic from tablets for the post-Thanksgiving Black Friday […]

Samsung Describes Galaxy Nexus Sales As “Minuscule”


In Apple’s separate case against South Korean Android manufacturer Sasmung surrounding patents that the iPhone-maker feels that the Galaxy Nexus infringed upon, it was revealed that sales of the Galaxy Nexus was “minuscule.” The lawsuit filed by Apple alleges that the Galaxy Nexus and the Android software used by the smartphone infringes upon Apple’s patents […]

Analyst: 6.5 Million Galaxy S III Sold in Q2


JP Morgan analysts are estimating that Samsung may have sold approximately 6.5 million Galaxy S III smartphones in the second quarter. Sales in the smartphone are expected to pick up and it is estimated that Samsung will move an additional 15 million units between July and September and will have a combined Q2 and Q3 […]

Windows Phone Overtakes iOS in 2016? I Doubt It.


Let me preface by saying that despite owning more Apple products than the average Apple Fanboy, I dislike Apple. I respect Apple’s innovation of existing technology and their knack for getting the general public to buy in to their products. Their ecosystem is unparalleled and their fans are very passionate. For those reasons alone, I don’t buy […]

4G Captures One-Third of Q4 2011 Smartphone Sales


According to a new research finding by NPD, 33 percent of all smartphones sold in the U.S. during the fourth quarter of 2011 had 4G connectivity. 4G connectivity is broadly defined to include devices with either WiMax, HSPA+ or LTE connectivity, the latter of which offers the fastest real-world data performance currently. This number compares […]

Lumia Now Accounts for Most Market Share of Windows Phone 7.5 Devices


With Microsoft’s Mango release for Windows Phone, a second crop of new hardware was released. And of those devices running Mango, otherwise known as Windows Phone 7.5, Nokia may be leading the pack with its debut Windows Phone devices marketed under the Lumia brand. Nokia, which bested out its closest rival HTC, now has garnered […]

Sony Tablet S Proves to Be a Success for Sony in UK


While Sony has been a late-comer to the tablet arena, the outfit’s Tablet S slate may be a breakout success in the Android tablet category. In October, Sony’s Tablet S has garnered 26 percent of the UK Android slate market share, placing it among the top Android slates. The tablet initially launched a month prior […]

Sony Feeling the ‘Fire,’ Drops Tablet S Pricing By $100


Sony’s Playstation-certified Tablet S is now seeing a price cut for both the 16 GB and 32 GB versions. Both versions will get $100 knocked off, bringing the price down to $400 and $500 respectively. It’s unclear if this is the move represents Sony’s plans to introduce a successor model or if the company is […]

Smartphones Now Used to Capture Over 25% of All Videos, Photos


NPD research data shows that smartphone cameras now account for over a quarter of all videos and photos captured. 27 percent of all photos taken are now done with a smartphone, which is up ten percent from a year ago. In parallel with the rise in smartphones used in photography, the digital point and shoot […]

Google Now Activating 700,000 Android Devices Daily


Android adoption continues to grow and Android head Andy Rubin provided a status update that Google is now activating 700,000 new Android devices on a daily basis. That’s a lot of little green robots invading our pockets, desks, and lives. Rubin says that this number accounts only for Android devices with built-in cellular and mobile […]

Apple TV Owns 1/3 of U.S. Connected TV Player Market

new third generation apple tv

Though still considered a ‘hobby’ product for Apple, the company’s Apple TV connected living room TV box that retails for $99 has sold nearly 4 million units and has propelled Apple into the leader of the connected TV player market with 32% market share. Connected TV players, like Apple TV, Google TV made by third-party […]

Windows Phone Facebook Surge Suggests Strong Holiday Sales


An increase in usage of the Facebook suggests that Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is experiencing a healthy and sharp increase in sales as the holiday season kicks off. In addition to strong sales of the HTC Titan, it looks like the platform overall is experiencing growth. WMPU is reporting that there is an increase from […]

BlackBerry 7 Smartphone Sales Slow Before Holiday Season


With the holiday shopping season about to kick into high gear with Black Friday around the corner, sales of Research in Motion’s smartphones running the BlackBerry 7 operating system are beginning to slow following an early promising start. According to Canaccord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley, retail checks for BlackBerry sales across major U.S. carriers are […]

Nokia Lumia 800 Sells Out in the Netherlands


Having already topped the sales chart in France, Nokia’s Lumia 800 debut Windows Phone 7 smartphone is now selling out in the Netherlands. After struggling to maintain and grow market share under the Symbian operating system, Nokia had made a bold move earlier this year by declaring that it would tie its fate to that […]