Analyst Predicts 10-Inch Tablets Will Be Priced at $300 in 2012


The e-reader and tablet market will be heating up with increased competition on the pricing front in 2012 with manufacturers dropping the prices of their offerings. There are a number of factors that may attribute to the marked decline in prices–not being able to sell many tablets and compete against Apple’s iPad with iPad-like pricing […]

Sales of Nokia Lumia 800 Tops Charts in France


Just a week after Nokia had announced the Lumia 800 Windows Phone Mango device, the smartphone is now topping sales charts in France on retailer¬†Phonehouse.Fr, beating out the iPhone 4S, Android, and other devices. Interestingly, the Bada OS-powered Samsung Wave 575 came in second just after the Nokia Lumia 800. It’s still too early in […]

Huge Demand for Kindle Fire Forces Amazon to Ramp Up Production


Amazon’s announced but un-released Kindle Fire is generating a lot of buzz and attention and huge demand for the tablet is forcing the Internet retailer to ramp up production to make millions more of the Android-powered tablet. Like rival e-book retailer Barnes & Noble, the Kindle Fire is based upon Google’s Android operating system–in this […]

Anticipation for iPhone 4S Caused Smartphone Sales to Slide?


In the prior quarter, sales of smartphones experienced a recession on their own as it is speculated that the decline in smartphone sales in the U.S. may be the result of consumer anticipation of Apple’s iPhone 4S. Not only was there a dip in iPhone sales, as was found in data obtained from Verizon Wireless […]

Consumers Expect Non-iOS Tablets to Be $100 Cheaper Than iPad


There’s been some dissonance in the market place on what iPad rivals are pricing their tablets at and what consumers are willing to pay for a non-Apple slate, and that mix up is to the tune of approximately $100. According to a new iGR market survey, in order for iPad rivals to be more competitive […]

RIM’s Newest BlackBerry Smartphones Captivates Enterprise Customers, But Fails to Excite Consumers


RIM’s latest BlackBerry push–an aggressive one with many models available on multiple carriers running the latest BlackBerry 7 operating system–may still present troublesome news for the Canadian smartphone-maker. Despite garnering a lot of buzz and interest,¬†Canaccord Genuity presents its findings that these smartphones fail to excite consumer interest, despite better hardware and the inclusion of […]

TouchPad Update Brings Document Editing to webOS


For those who managed to snag an HP TouchPad tablet on the cheap when HP offered a fire sale on its remaining inventory, you can now edit documents on your slate thanks to a software update to the webOS QuickOffice HD application that comes pre-loaded on the device. With the update, users can edit and […]

Analysts Pulling for Windows Phone 7 as Third Horse in Three-Horse Race


Analysts are now predicting that Microsoft’s mobile platform will become the third platform after Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating system in a three-horse race the finish, with Windows Phone 7 beating out Research in Motion’s BlackBerry OS and the open-source Symbian platform, which Nokia has recently abandoned in the U.S. Despite having a small […]

HP’s webOS Fall Out May Benefit Android Most


Now that HP has announced that it will not be making new hardware for webOS, followed by a strategic message that the company will, however, continue to support the platform’s development despite the fire sale of devices over the weekend that placed the 16 GB model TouchPad at a bare $99, users of the platform […]

Consumers Aren’t Touching HP’s TouchPad


Sales figures at big box retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and Fry’s Electronics suggest that the TouchPad is lagging behind HP’s and retail expectations for the debut webOS tablets. The situation is so bad that retailers are now asking Hewlett Packard, which had acquired webOS from its Palm buyout, to take back inventory of the […]

Android Tablets Will Grow 134 Percent in 2012

A new report on DigiTimes maintains that tablets running the Android operating system from Google are poised to grow at a whopping 134% in 2012 compared to 2011. The growth rate for Android tablet is expected to be larger than Apple’s estimated 55% year-over-year growth for 2012. Analysts expect that Android tablet-makers will ship over […]

Microsoft’s Android Business Brings In 3 Times as Much Money as Windows Phone


Years of experience, patents, and research in the mobile smartphone business is paying off for Microsoft. The Redmond, Washington-based Windows Phone maker’s biggest money maker in mobile isn’t even its own Windows Phone business, but rather its patents, which are licensed out to handset makers. As Microsoft is trying to capitalize on the growth of […]

Nokia’s Brand Still Connecting with People in Philippines


Though Nokia has suffered from stagnant sales and declining market share since the ascent of Android and iOS, the company’s brand is still leading in the Philippines, showing that the company still has a lot of clout in countries outside the U.S. and Europe that are now dominated by more modern touch-centric mobile OSes. As […]

Apple iPad 2 Ship Time Shows Demand Being Matched


The world’s most popular tablet, the iPad, now in its second-generation hardware iteration, will now be shipping to consumers in 1-3 days. The reduction in ship time–down from 3-4 weeks when the tablet initially debuted to 1-2 weeks and then to 3-5 days as of a week ago–shows that Apple and its manufacturing and component […]

Despite Small Sales, Microsoft Re-Affirms Commitment to Windows Phone


CEO Steve Ballmer of Microsoft re-affirms his company’s commitment to the Windows Phone platform during a keynote at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Los Angeles, California. Though the CEO had admitted that the platform, which was re-tooled less than a year ago, only achieved a small market share, Ballmer remains optimistic about the prospect of […]

WiFi Xoom is Latest Honeycomb Tablet to Suffer Price Drop


The WiFi-only model of the Motorola Xoom is the latest Android Honeycomb tablet to undergo a price drop. Originally launched at $600, the Xoom is now available for $499 at Walmart. Though the mega-retailer has not given any reason for the drop in price, possible reasons may be increased competition in the space along with […]