Nokia Slashes Smartphone Prices in Europe to Stem Market Share Decline


Nokia is cutting the prices of its smartphone in Europe in an effort to mitigate the company’s declining market share of the high-end smartphone market. Price drops were described to be as high as 15 percent on some of the company’s flagship models, including the photo-centric Nokia N8 with its 12-megapixel camera, large image sensor, […]

Samsung Ships 3 Million Galaxy S II Smartphones in 55 Days


Despite not yet being available in North America, Samsung has announced that it has shipped over 3 million the Galaxy S II smartphones, successor to the original Galaxy S, in a period of 55 days. The dual-core smartphone boasts a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display and an incredibly thin form factor. The Galaxy S II […]

Amazon Hopes to Deliver 4 Million Tablets By End of Year?


Touchscreen component suppliers indicate that Amazon may be looking to ship between 1.5 to 2 million of its self-branded Android tablets when the device debuts in September and potentially could ship up to 4 million tablets by the end of 2011. Outside of relatively more affordable WiFi-only Android tablets, like the Asus Eee Pad Transformer […]

In Last Six Months, E-Readers Outgrow Tablets

Growth over time

While quite a few adults–3 percent–own both an e-reader device and a tablet, within the last six months e-reader adoption has outpaced tablet adoption according to the latest study by Pew Internet research. From November 2010 to May 2011, the number of American adults who own an e-reader has doubled to 12 percent from 6 […]

PlayBook Sales May Begin to Plateau


Despite an early good start to its debut tablet, Research in Motion’s BlackBerry Playbook may be reaching a point where sales are plateauing, if not tapering off. Predictions of the latest sales number come from Wedbush Securities analyst Scott Sutherland, who believes that sales figure for the tablet will be no more than 450,000 units […]

Windows Phone 7 to be Number 2 OS by 2013, Not 2015 Thanks to Nokia


While analysts have originally predicted that Windows Phone 7 will be the leading smartphone OS, beating out Android, by 2015, recent research from Pyramid is predicting that the Microsoft mobile operating system will beat the original date by two years thanks in large part to the partnership with Nokia. While Android will continue to grow […]

iPhone 3GS, iPad 1 Sales Beat Out New Android, 4G Devices


In an age where newer, slimmer, and faster is often equated with better, a surprising study released by¬†Canaccord Genuity finds that last generation Apple mobile devices, including the iPhone 3GS and original iPad 1, are often outselling their newer, current generation Android counterparts that often come with next-generation specs.¬†Canaccord Genuity’s study helps to also solidify […]

Samsung’s Aggressive Push in Mobile Paying Off in IDC Poll


IDC Research has concluded that the smartphone market is growing nearly 20% in the first quarter of this year and that Nokia may be ceding market share as the world’s largest phone maker by volume is transitioning its smartphone line to Windows Phone 7, leading to a shakeup among the top phone and smartphone makers. […]

Dell Bets that Android Tablets Will Outpace iPads


Computer maker Dell is hedging its bet on the mobility space with tablets and smartphones as venues for growth into the future. An optimistic Michael Dell had sat down with the Wall Street Journal to reveal his insights and thoughts about the changing and evolving PC market into what rival Apple has called the post-PC […]

Acer to Focus on Mobile with Touch Business Group


Acer, still trying to develop its mobile strategy as it expects its PC shipments to decline due to the emerging and competitive tablet and mobile market, has formed the Acer Touch Business Group to tackle the challenges of mobility. Acer Touch BG will be headed by Acer corporate president Jim Wong and Simon Hwuang, head […]

Half of All Smartphones Sold in 2012 Will Come with Android


According to the latest Gartner predictions, Android will be command nearly half of the smartphone market in 2012, with 49% of new smartphones sold next year to come pre-loaded with the Google operating system. The overall smartphone market will increase by 57.7% from this year’s market, with sales to reach 468 million units in 2012. […]

Nokia to Make Windows Phone 7 Number 2 OS by 2015

nokia windows phone 7 concept

Windows Phone 7 is about to take a leap in market share by 2014 according to the latest predictions by IDC in large part due to Microsoft’s partnership with Nokia, the world’s largest phone maker by volume. In the past, Nokia has primarily relied on Symbian for its smartphone strategy, but the company had announced […]

Android to Take 50% of iPad 2’s Market Share? I don’t think so…


After playing around with the Motorola Xoom extensively for a couple of weeks, I can assure you that average consumers simply won’t be picking Android tablets over the iPad 2. It’s not a matter of specs or operating systems, it’s common sense. A lot of people are throwing around numbers and sales estimates for the […]

Nearly 1 Million Windows Phone 7 Devices Sold in February


In the short month of February, analysts estimate that nearly 1 million devices were sold running Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform, which will soon be implemented by Nokia, the world’s largest phone-maker by volume. The Next Web is saying that 877,000 Windows Phone 7 devices were sold in February. The site has been accurate in […]

Will the Bubble Burst for Tablets in 2011?

JP Morgan analysis

J.P. Morgan Research analyst Mark Moskowitz is speculating that tablet-makers who are hoping to capitalize on Apple’s success with the iPad are building too many tablets while there may not be enough demand for those tablets running rival operating systems to iOS. According to Moskowitz, the tablet bubble may burst in the second half of […]

Can Intel Save MeeGo? Search for New MeeGo Partners Under Way


Now that Nokia has signed up with Microsoft to utilize the Windows Phone 7 operating system, Intel is still pushing ahead with the MeeGo operating system. According to the latest report from Reuters, Intel is blaming the decision for Nokia to shy away from its joint MeeGo collaboration due to financial incentives being offered by […]

Samsung Ambitiously Plans to Displace Nokia as Phone Leader in 3 Years


Samsung has ambitious plans to become the world’s leading phone maker and displace Nokia, the current title holder in three years. With Android and Windows Phone 7 on the rise–Samsung is a big OEM backer of these two smartphone operating systems–and Symbian’s relevance being questioned, Nokia will need to make some major strategy decisions to […]