Apple, Amazon Pave Way for Digital Garage Sale


The problem with owning digital media today, such as copies of TV shows, movies, e-books, and music through services like Amazon and iTunes, is that you cannot transfer ownership of your content to someone if you want to clean house. Thanks to two recent, but separate, patents filed by Apple and Amazon, this could all […]

Windows Phone Marketplace Surpasses 100,000 Apps

Windows Phone Marketplace 100,000

Microsoft is slowly building up the Windows Phone Marketplace, and today it surpasses another milestone. The Windows Phone Marketplace now holds more than 100,000 apps. The number comes from All About Windows Phone which claims Microsoft has passed 100,145 apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace after just 20 months. Although developers published more than 100,000 […]

Skype for Windows Phone Exits Beta


Windows Phone owners had an unexpected surprise this weekend as Microsoft-owned VoIP service Skype released its app to users. The app, which was previously in beta, could now be downloaded officially from Windows Phone Marketplace on Windows Phone handsets, such as the Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC Titan II. Some new features on the […]

Windows Phone Market Starting to Display ESRB Game Ratings


While Google and Apple have opted out of the industry-standard ESRB rating systems for game titles on the respective Android Market and App Store applications storefronts, Microsoft had opted in and now we’re beginning to see ESRB ratings being displayed alongside some game titles in Windows Phone Marketplace. So far, Angry Birds and MathZia Free bear […]

Microsoft: Windows Phone 8 Backwards Compatible With Windows Phone 7 Apps


Microsoft’s own Brandon Watson had turned to Twitter to clarify any confusion by announcing, again, that Windows Phone 8, which is widely believed to be codenamed Apollo, will be compatible with apps designed currently for Windows Phone 7. Watson’s tweet comes as a response Eldar Murtazin’s tweet that developers would need to re-code Windows Phone […]

Microsoft, Nokia, & EA Mobile Bringing New Games to Windows Phone


Here’s some information on some games that Microsoft is teasing for Windows Phone. I have to assume games I will list below are coming in February since the post on the Windows Phone Team’s blog says, “Must Have Games for February”. The following games were announced by Microsoft on the Windows Phone Team Blog: Need for […]

Nokia Introduces New Exclusive Windows Phone Titles for Lumia Devices


In addition to having rolled out with Nokia Music, Nokia Drive, and Nokia ESPN Sports Hub, the smartphone-maker is adding a suite of new connected applications that will be only available on Nokia-made Windows Phone 7 devices, including the Lumia 710, Lumia 800, and newly announced Lumia 900, an LTE smartphone for AT&T’s 4G network […]

Want another way to score $25 worth of free Windows Phone apps?


Microsoft is giving away $25 Windows Phone Marketplace gift cards from December 12-16, 2011. This is a different promotion from the one I shared a few weeks ago where you get a $25 gift card if you purchase a Windows Phone in December. This one is a Twitter contest. To win, you have to follow @windowsphone on Twitter. Then […]

Windows Phone 7 Apps. What are we missing?


The only thing, in my opinion, that is holding Windows Phone 7 back now is apps. Yes, the Window Phone Marketplace has grown faster than Android and Apple’s app stores but I am impatient. Windows Phone 7 has been out for a little over a year now and they are up to 40,000 apps. There […]

Nook Color Apps Requested by Barnes & Noble


Barnes & Noble is seeking apps for its upcoming Nook Color app store, which has been rumored to be launching sometime this month. The device has already become a favorite for its price and hackability. “Rooting” a Nook turns it into an inexpensive Android tablet capable of downloading and installing Android Marketplace apps as well […]

How To Watch the Masters Golf Tournament While Mobile


For golf fans who get as excited about the Masters Golf Tournament as the others get about the Super Bowl, CES and the Oscars, one app that will help you enjoy the tournament, if you can’t be in front of your TV this weekend, is The Master’s Golf Tournament app ($1.99). If you don’t have […]

Kindle for Windows Phone 7 Goes Live in Marketplace


Amazon’s Kindle e-reader app has just gone live for owners of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform. The digital reader software will allow users to read books purchased through the Amazon Kindle store and can synchronize where you last left off on your book so you can pick up another device and continue reading. Kindle is […]

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace DRM Cracked, App Piracy to Come?

WPCentral was presented with a proof of concept program that can essentially strip the copy protection DRM mechanism found on Marketplace-purchased apps on Windows Phone 7 devices. Essentially, with the DRM protection removed, the opportunity will arise for piracy of apps made for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform. Marketplace is Microsoft’s official app store for […]

Windows Phone 7: Where’s the Software?


As I mentioned early yesterday, Zune software version 4.7 went live. The marketplace looks really thin, but I am not going to panic yet, the actual release isn’t here yet. Some software shown off today isn’t in the store, so I am going to assume it’s not really ready for public consumption yet.