Marvell Eyes Low-Cost Entry-Level Windows Phone, Windows 8 Market


Marvell, makers of more budget-friendly ARM chipsets, is looking at Microsoft for new growth. The company is looking to place its more affordable chipsets into entry-level Windows Phone devices catering to the Chinese market, and also in Windows 8 tablets, which will also run on ARM chipsets in addition to Intel’s and AMD’s x86 chip […]

Is Marvell to Blame for the BlackBerry PlayBook’s Launch Delay?


While RIM never really announced the PlayBook ealier than its Spring launch timeline, it is speculated that Research in Motion was hoping to launch the BlackBerry tablet in time for the holiday shopping season a few months ahead of the device’s now confirmed April 10th launch date. That delay may be caused by RIM’s partnership […]

OLPC partners with Marvell for their new XO tablet


The One Laptop Per Child foundation may be slowly chugging along these days, but they’re still pushing ahead with that $100 laptop goal. Their latest step forward, however, isn’t a laptop but a slate tablet based on Marvell’s Moby design.

Mystery Marvell Tablet Spotted


Joanna Stern with Engadget got a peek at a 10″ tablet based running a Marvell chipset. She didn’t find out which on of Marvell’s customers will be offering it, but whoever it is, they’ll have a fairly sleek-looking gadget on their hands. “…it has a brushed metal back and there’s an opening on the front […]

CES 2010: eDGe, Alex and more eReaders from Marvell

We got our hands on the latest eReaders at the Marvell booth. The enTourage eDGe and Alex from Spring Design were both there. Amy shares her thoughts on the Alex. I spill ink on the enTourage eDGe Wacom Penabled e-ink screen with its included stylus, as well as mine, and determine if it is pressure-sensitive.