Zune Music Players In the News Today (And Apple Tuesday)

Mobile music players are the talk of the town right now!!  Microsoft and Apple hitting new news at the same time… planned by MS???? Details have been flying around about some new Zune players, and now they are official.  120GB and 16GB players are being released – 120 with a HD and the 16 is […]

NFL To Experiment With Streaming Games Over Web

This will make my wife happy, and I imagine quite a few other wives as well. The NFL is going to experiment this season with streaming games over the web on Sunday nights. The announcement is due to come on Monday and Michael Learmouth of Silicon Alley Insider is linking to a Wall Street Journal […]

Weekend Discussion: How Do You Read Books?

Do you primarily read paper books, or do you find yourself living between the digital and paper world? If you read eBooks, what do you use to read them with? an eBook reader, a UMPC, a laptop, a PDA, a Tablet PC, etc? Do you like to mark-up your books with physical or digital highlighters, […]

Ballmer: Newspapers and Magazines Will Be Dead in 10 Years

Steve Ballmer had some interesting things to say in this Washington Post interview, echoing outgoing Bill Gates thoughts on print vs digital media: within 10 years, there will be no print based newspapers or magazines. It will be delivered in electronic form. Is Mr. Ballmer right? Well, I can tell you that I have not […]

GBM InkShow: Gathering Around the HP HDX Dragon

We’ve been talking about the HP HDX Dragon for quite a while on GottaBeMobile.com, so we thought it was time to give a little review of this mobile entertainment powerhouse. Now, we know that a notebook computer this size is normally out of our coverage area and it pushes the envelope with the whole "mobile" […]

Astak E-book Reader to hit $150?

(Thanks to GBM Reader Aaron for the tip!) Astak has announced a new line of Mentor e-book readers at the IDPF trade show today. The line will include 5-inch, 6-inch, and 9.7-inch screen models with a variety of configurations. They all include E-Ink displays, 128MB of RAM, SD card slots, and MP3 playback capabilities. The […]

Where and How Do You Prefer To Watch Your Movies?

Yesterday Apple surprised no one with their announcement that they would now make new movie releases available on iTunes the same day as the DVD release. That will certainly have an impact on NetFlix and Blockbuster, not to mention the postal service. In the continuing evolution of mobile entertainment we already have witnessed the decline of […]

Netronix E-Book Reader Ads Touch

Although the Netronix EB-100 E-Book Reader is a similar, if not the exact, design to the Bookeen Cybook V3, I think this is the first E-Ink based book reader we’ve seen with a touch screen. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong.) While I prefer my digital books via audio, I would love to see E-Book […]

Ultra-Mobile PC Picture Taking with DialKeys

Steve Van der Hoeven, Fortune Fountain‘s Product Manager for DialKeys , has written a GottaBeMobile.com guest tutorial on how to take pictures with your UMPC and have them automatically uploaded to Flickr – all using DialKeys Gen 2. Utilizing GPS, the pictures also get geo tagged. Read the full tutorial here. Up until now the […]

Are You Ready For Movie Rentals Online?

This has been rumored, hoped for, and forecast for some time now and it looks like it is going to come to pass. The Financial Times is reporting that Apple is going to start “renting” movies on line through its iTunes store. Apparently an announcement is scheduled for MacWorld in a few weeks, so you […]

Anyone Going to Give the Amazon Kindle a Read?

Newsweek has more details on Amazon’s Kindle device and service, which begins shipping tomorrow for $399. Looks very similar to a Tablet PC and UMPC, huh? I doubt it supports ink, but it sure would have been nice. Like Scoble, I wish Microsoft would have gotten their Tablet PC team on to this. It screams tablet. Oh […]

Attack of the E-Book Readers

Amazon.com is gearing up to release its Kindle E-Book Reader on Monday. Seiko Epson is readying their E-Book reader and we’ve also heard news recently from CyBook. Of course not a week goes by without hearing about Sony’s reader. There is obviously a market here, but I’m not in it for a couple of reasons. I’d rather […]

Zune Updates Coming November 13

I just got an email notification from the Microsoft Zune team that the updated Zune software will be hitting on November 13th for all of us Zune 1.0 owners. Here are more details Beginning November 13, Zune ® will be providing service and software updates for your device and your PC. The updates will be […]

Using a UMPC to Listen to Internet Radio

Over at the Origami Project forums Kurt has an interesting blog post on how to use an Ultra Mobile PC to listen to Internet radio. The post covers everything from streaming to Codecs, to how to optimize your UMPC for listening. So if you’re looking to turn your UMPC into a portable radio you might […]

The Archos 605 WiFi Portable Media Player

Talk of Mobile media and Mobile entertainment these days on the pages of GottaBeMoible.com (and elsewhere) usually centers around Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch, the Zune, and what you can do with media on UMPCs using either the Origami Experience or Windows Media Center. But there are other mobile solutions out there that offer some […]

Windows Live Photo Gallery Now Includes Flickr

I must have missed this a week or so ago, but nonetheless, this is good news for digital photo bugs. The latest beta of Windows Live Photo Gallery now includes Flickr integration, allowing you to send your photos to Flickr with one click. The integration allows you to use the same tagging in Windows Live […]

Zune – $99 Through Buy.com

I don’t know how long this special will last, but Buy.com has the brown 30GB Zune listed for $99. Order today and they will ship around November 19th.

Microsoft Acquires WebGuide – Now Free

Place-shifting media is becoming quite popular these days with Orb, SlingMedia, and WebGuide. Well, Microsoft just acquired the rights to WebGuide and is integrating it into Windows Vista Media Center, making it available for free. WebGuide lets Media Center owners watch live TV using a mobile device like a Tablet PC, UMPC, or Windows Mobile […]

Thankful for Technology and Loving It

I really enjoy reading about how others weave technology into their work and life. Carnaman has a blog about Indirect Lending. The latest post is titled, Technology is Wonderful, and chronicles the hardware and software that he uses to get through his day and workflow. Notably, he’s using the HPTC1100 Tablet PC with a Cingular […]