Linda Epstein Checks Out Mirage

Linda Epstein of Tablet is checking out Mirage. No, not some silly mirage off in the distance, but Mirage the automation software by Autonomic Controls. The Beta release of Mirage offers up touchscreen remote management of the digital media stored on your PC or network. And I think Linda is right, this is a […]

A Look at AblePlanet’s Clear Harmony Linx Audio Headphones

At, we primarily focus on Tablet PCs and UMPCs, and the accessories that naturally build-up around those devices. On occasion, though, we branch out a little to bring attention to other areas of technology we are enjoying. When AblePlanet contacted me and asked if I was interested in reviewing their Clear Harmony Linx Audio […]

Microsoft Posts Vista Update for iPod Users

Long time coming and this is certainly coming from interesting quarters. Vista users who play their music on the iPod have known (or at least I hope they’ve known) of an existing compatibility. The problem manifests if you choose to disconnect your iPod using the Task Tray’s Safely Remove Hardware icon to disconnect your iPod. […]

Apple and EMI Change The Landscape For Mobile Entertainment

The ground just shifted in the mobile entertainment world. EMI, one of the largest music companies has announced that it will now make its digital music content available at higher quality and also DRM free. Apple will be the first company to offer the DRM free music on its iTunes site. To get the DRM […]

All The News That’s Fit To Pay $165 A Year For

Well, you knew it had to end sometime. Disappointing news out that The New York Times Reader service is out of Beta and in order to use the service you’ll need to plop down $165 a year (or $14.95 a month.) I like the software very much and have grown quite accustomed to it. But […]

SoundGate – Conceptual computer (Tablet PC) for musicians

  While perusing my feeds this morning, I came across this little item in a link from Tablet PC Talk. This is not only cool, it is pretty possible with today’s technology, at least most of the goals are anyway.  How about a Tablet PC that interfaces with your instrument, your sound boards, your speakers, the […]

More Media Publishers Jump On the Windows Presentation Foundation Bandwagon

Microsoft announced today that three more companies have taken advantage of the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), the advanced graphics technology that is a part of the Windows Vista OS. Associated Newspapers Ltd, Forbes Inc, and Hearst Corp are the publishing companies that join the New York Times in offering content in this digital format that […]