Real Doctors Just a Text Away for $9 Per Month

Text a doctor night or day to get medical advice for just $9 a month.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could text a doctor anytime of the night to find out if you need to be worried about your child? Concierge doctors and on call physicians are expensive, but for just $9 a month moms and dads can text a doctor and get medical advice 24/7. First Opinion is […]

Facial Recognition Hack Makes Google Glass Useful in Medical Settings


While we’re still not quite sure how exactly will Google Glass be used in the future as it’s still an entirely new mobile form factor and there are still not that many applications designed for the wearable computing platform, Glass will definitely be a beneficial tool to doctors and medical staff as demonstrated with the […]

4-Year-Old Becomes Youngest Treated for iPad Addiction


A girl in Britain becomes the youngest patient to be treated for iPad addiction at the age of four. Psychiatrists say that the child displays compulsive behavior after having been exposed to the tablet and technology at an early age, and shows symptoms of withdrawals if her iPad is taken away from her. Australian’s reports […]

Future iPhone Could Tell if You Have the Flu or Food Poisoning

Flu Virus

Right now you’re stuck with the WebMD for diagnosing your pains on the iPhone, but if you want to skip past the, “It must be cancer diagnosis”, you’ll be glad to know a team is working on turning your phone’s touchscreen into a pocket-sized lab capable of differentiating between the flu, food poisoning and strep throat. The idea won’t […]

Panasonic Announces the Toughbook H1 Mobile Clinical Assistant


The mobile medical space better make some room – Panasonic, one of the kings in the rugged mobile pc space, is coming to play with the Toughbook H1 Mobile Clinical   Assistant (MCA) sporting a digitizer by InPlay Technologies, GOBI-enabled broadband, and dual hot-swappable batteries. It will be available in January 2009 with a starting […]