Sprint Could Go Into $50 Billion of Debt to Gain T-Mobile US


Sprint, now a majority-owned subsidiary of Japanese carrier Softbank, may have just secured $50 billion of financing to potentially acquire rival T-Mobile U.S., which is owned by German’s Deutsche Telekom. According to a report on the Wall Street Journal, Sprint was approached by two banks on financing, so this deal could become reality if all goes […]

Vultures to Rip BlackBerry Apart and Divvy Up Patents


According to a new report, struggling Canadian smartphone-maker BlackBerry may be sold off in parts mainly for its patents and operating system. “A handful of potential bidders, including private equity firms, are lining up to look at BlackBerry Ltd, but initial indications suggest that interest is tepid and buyers are eyeing parts of the Canadian […]

iPhone Not Coming to MetroPCS Any Time Soon Despite Merger


Now that the merger between Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS is complete, the combined carrier has answered a question surrounding the fate of the iPhone for MetroPCS customers. According to T-Mobile head John Legere, MetroPCS customers will have some waiting to do, signifying the carrier’s openness on making its Apple flagship smartphone more broadly […]

MetroPCS Shareholders Approve T-Mobile Merger


The T-Mobile merger with MetroPCS will continue as planned after MetroPCS shareholders approval for the deal. MetroPCS shareholders approved the merge following a new offer from T-Mobile USA parent company Deutsche Telekom, which sweetened the deal for the smaller carriers. Reuters reports those shareholder who previously opposed the acquisition accepted the new deal. T-Mobile and MetroPCS previously […]

T-Mobile Ups the Stakes to Revive MetroPCS Deal


T-Mobile USA parent Deutsche Telekom may be revisiting the terms it is offering to MetroPCS shareholders as reports that shareholders may reject the acquisition offer on present terms are surfacing. In an exclusive, Reuters is now stating that German telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom may be increasing its offer to acquire MetroPCS. The company initially denied […]

Lenovo CEO Opens Doors to BlackBerry Buyout

Will 2013 be the year that Lenovo "does" acquire BlackBerry?

Lenovo is once again spurring speculations about acquiring smartphone-maker BlackBerry, and this time company CEO Yang Yuanqing is making the statement. Speaking to French news Les Echos, Yuanqing says that a BlackBerry acquisition “could possibly make sense.” The Lenovo head was quick to note that he still needed to analyze the strategic move of acquiring rival […]

MetroPCS Phones Will Use T-Mobile’s 4G LTE Network After Merger


The T-Mobile and MetroPCS merger likely won’t close until early 2013, but the companies have a plan for how the networks will work together when the deal does close. According to PCMag, next year after the deal closes, MetroPCS will start to convert its CDMA network into a 4G LTE network. During the process, the […]

Motorola Confirms Business as Usual Post-Google Acquisition


While Google had gone on record numerous times in the past that it would allow Motorola to operate independently of the Android team after it would acquire the Droid-maker. The Android software giant says that it is acquiring Motorola Mobility not to compete in the hardware space, but to add that company’s patents to its […]

Microsoft, Nokia, Amazon All Eyeing an Acquisition of RIM


The latest leaks suggest that Amazon and a Microsoft-Nokia partnership may both be looking to acquire Canadian smartphone Research in Motion. After slumping stock prices and declining market share for the company’s BlackBerry smartphone and PlayBook tablet, Research in Motion is struggling to stay competitive in the market with touch competition from Apple’s iOS platform, […]

AT&T and T-Mobile Kill Merger, Dish Eyes T-Mobile

ATT T Mobile Merger Fail

As the year comes to an end, the biggest merger in wireless also comes to an end. In a statement issued today, AT&T confirmed that the T-Mobile merger was dead in the water. The $39 billion deal between AT&T and Deutsche Telekom AG, the German owner of T-Mobile, announced back in March has met opposition from carriers and […]

Report: AT&T and T-Mobile Considering Joint Venture if Merger Fails


According to the Wall Street Journal,  AT&T and T-Mobile might be mulling life without a merger with the carrier discussing a joint partnership should the marriage fail. As it stands, AT&T has withdrawn its FCC application to purchase T-Mobile USA and will now turn its attention to the lawsuit that the U.S. Department of Justice […]

Verizon Defends AT&T’s Proposed Merger with T-Mobile


While Sprint has vigorously fought the proposed merger between AT&T and T-Mobile, another big competitor has seemingly thrown its weight behind the deal. At an investor conference on Wednesday, Verizon Wireless’ chief executive Lowell McAdam stated that its main rival, that being AT&T, should be allowed to complete its $39 billion dollar purchase of T-Mobile. […]

Google + Motorola, Will Webtop OS Pave the Way to an Android-Chromebook Dock?


Google has already stated a number of things about its announced $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility, including that Motorola wouldn’t be favored in making future Nexus products as well as other hardware partners in the ecosystem reacting positively to the announcement, but what we haven’t heard is how Motorola will add value to the […]

New Sprint’s Virgin Mobile USA Commercial Takes Jab at T-Mobile’s Carly


Sprint’s wholly owned pre-paid Virgin Mobile USA division has launched a new commercial that pokes fun at T-Mobile USA and the impending acquisition of the fourth largest U.S. carrier by larger rival AT&T. Though Sprint hasn’t been quiet about the business implications that the AT&T-T-Mobile deal would have on the wireless industry and jobs, this […]

AT&T Seems Confident T-Mobile Merger Will Pass

att confident in merger

While the FCC deliberates over the proposed merger between AT&T and T-Mobile, it seems that AT&T is moving ahead as if it’s a done deal. The company announced two new tethering devices today: the USBConnect Momentum 4G and the Mobile Hotspot Elevate 4G. As Ed Oswald at Beta News pointed out, both devices are capable of using T-Mobile’s […]

AT&T Says T-Mobile Merger on Track for Approval in March 2012


Yesterday, T-Mobile made a statement defending its deal with AT&T and today it was AT&T’s turn to unleash some juicy details unto the world with AT&T’s General Counsel Wayne Watts stating that he expects the merger to get approved by March of 2012. Speaking to reporters in Washington, Watts said that the deal is on […]

Microsoft Denies an Acquisition of Nokia


After Symbian leaker Eldar Murtazin had posted that Microsoft may be looking to buy Nokia, we have seen Nokia deny such allegations and now the German arm of Microsoft is also refuting Murtazin’s speculations. Calling out the rumor as nonsense, Microsoft says, “Microsoft is very pleased with the current solution that the group in future provide the software […]