Sprint Makes Big Jump in Customer Satisfaction


While T-Mobile and AT&T are trying to prove that their merger will be better for the industry, the two companies have let their customers down while rival Sprint has soared according to the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) survey. Once a leader in satisfaction with customers, the latest decline in satisfaction among customers may […]

AT&T, T-Mobile Pre-Nuptial Divorce to Cost $6 Billion


If Sprint has its way and AT&T and T-Mobile do not wed in the proposed $39 billion acquisition, AT&T would have to pay $6 billion, making it the most expensive pre-nuptial divorces of corporate would-be marriages. Sounds confusing? If AT&T doesn’t get U.S. government approval to acquire rival carrier T-Mobile USA, AT&T must pay its […]

NVIDIA Eyes Qualcomm with Icera Acquisition


NVIDIA has its eyes set on mobile as the Tegra 2-chip-maker is hoping to integrate more features into its smartphone CPU through the recent announcement of the Icera acquisition. Icera, a UK-based company, develops 3G and 4G baseband processors for use in phones and modems, and is said to be more efficient than those coming […]

T-Mobile USA Customers Should Not Expect an iPhone Yet


Even though AT&T had announced that it would acquire T-Mobile for a hefty sum of money, T-Mobile USA states that customers should not expect an iPhone on the network in the near term. “T-Mobile USA remains an independent company,” stresses the carrier while steering customers and potential customers to other devices, like the Samsung Galaxy […]