New Moto 360 Colors Leak Ahead of Release

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 9.40.56 AM

*+-After a rocky Moto 360 release with orders selling out within hours, stock being depleted, and buyers not able to get their hands on the new smartwatch things have finally settled down and are looking up. Earlier this month two updates arrived with new features and battery improvements, and now we’re seeing signs of at […]

Metal Moto 360 Release Date Emerges

The Moto 360 stainless release date comes later this year.

*+-After months of waiting through rumors and speculation, last week Motorola finally announced and released the new Moto 360 smartwach. As many of you already know, the Moto 360 was released last week but didn’t last long as it sold out almost immediately. However, another version is coming early next month. The Moto 360 was […]

New Samsung Galaxy Alpha Leak Reveals Key Details


*+-The new Samsung Galaxy Alpha is quickly approaching if latest rumors are accurate. A device which looks deliver a brand new design and approach from Samsung to take on the incoming iPhone 6. More and more rumors continue to emerge, and now we’ve learned additional key details ahead of the release. Over the past few […]

New Samsung Galaxy Alpha Leaks Show Off Metal Design


*+-New Samsung Galaxy Alpha images have emerged following Samsung’s comments last week. Possibly outing their next smartphone by confirming an upcoming device would arrive in the next 6 months built from “new materials” we have yet to see from Samsung in the Android space. The company actually confirmed two new phones are coming soon. We […]

New Samsung Galaxy Alpha Details Confirm Metal Design


*+-Over the past few weeks more and more leaks have emerged of a new device called the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. A device which is set to take on the rumored iPhone 6, and today Samsung have have just confirmed one of the key aspects of its upcoming smartphone. With an iPhone 6 with a bigger […]

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Rumored to Arrive Ahead of iPhone 6


*+-Leaks have shown a new device called the Samsung Galaxy Alpha is coming soon to take on the rumored iPhone 6, and we’re now hearing it could be announced and released sooner rather than later. With an iPhone 6 launch nearing, one with a bigger 4.7-inch display to potentially steal some of the Android users […]

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Rumored to Take on iPhone 6


*+-This morning, a new report has emerged suggesting Samsung has yet another flagship smartphone coming later this summer in hopes of taking on the incoming iPhone 6. Rumors have been swirling for months, but a new Samsung Galaxy Alpha is reportedly in tow with build quality and an excellent aluminum design in mind. In February […]

Samsung Galaxy F Looks to Top Galaxy S5 in New Leaks


*+-The Samsung Galaxy S5 debuted earlier this year with tons of stunning new features and an improved camera, but the build quality we’ve heard complaints over for years didn’t change. Based on a flood of rumors a new Galaxy F is on the horizon which could replace the Galaxy S5. One that could finally help […]

Metal Samsung Galaxy F Leaks to Take Over the Galaxy S5


*+-Lately the rumor mills have been churning about a device being called the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, but recently more and more leaks are suggesting the device could actually be called the Samsung Galaxy F. A new successor that may finally take over the Galaxy S range. While we’ve been hearing rumors of an aluminum […]

LG G3 Leak Reveals Fake Metal Design Ahead of Release


*+-With only a few weeks left before an official announcement and unveiling the LG G3 leaks continue to pour in ahead of schedule. Last week images revealed the Gold LG G3 variant, and this weekend another image is giving us an excellent view of the brushed aluminum-like design the phone will employ. After initial rumors […]

LG G3 Leak Reveals Three Important Details


*+-With an event scheduled for later this month the all-new LG G3 is officially coming soon. And while we wait the details continue to pour in from all angles regarding what users and buyers can expect. Over the past month the leaks and rumors have started to arrive at an alarming rate and show no […]

Premium Galaxy S5 Rumors Silenced by CEO


*+-Prior to the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch event last month rumors were running wild about what we could expect from Samsung in 2014. Talks of a 2560 x 1440 QHD display, 8-core processors, and an all metal or aluminum unibody design much like the HTC One or iPhone. We’ve heard rumors about a new ultra-premium […]

Samsung Galaxy S5: Samsung May Tap Apple Supplier for Metal Design

Look for a premium design on the Samsung Galaxy S5 according to the latest rumors.

*+-The Samsung Galaxy S5 could come with a metal design according to multiple rumors, the latest of which claims Samsung could pay a company that makes Apple’s MacBook Air metal frames and those for the HTC One to deliver a metal Galaxy S5 to consumers in 2014. In a bid to keep up with competitors […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 With Metal Design Possible for Early 2014

Samsung uses layers of metal in some colors to bring out a shine.

*+-The Samsung Galaxy S5 could be the first of Samsung’s Galaxy line to arrive with a metal design as a new report from Korea states Samsung is working on an upgraded assembly line which will play an integral role in the next flagship phone for 2014. Rumors of metal designs for the Samsung Galaxy S4 […]

HTC to Utilize Hybrid Metal-Plastic Case for Smartphones


*+-The latest report from DigiTimes suggests that Chenming Mold Industrial has secured a contract with smartphone-maker HTC to produce a new plastic-metal chassis for a new upcoming HTC phone. The new metal-plastic housing would bring the best features from both materials. For instance, it would have the strength of metal, but at the same time […]