MetaWatch Shows Off Widgets and iOS 6 SMS Support

MetaWatch Strata iOS 6 SMS

After a successful Kickstarter campaign the MetaWatch Strata is almost ready to ship, but first MetaWatch wants to give us a look at how the watch works with iOS 6. The first of the two videos shows the MetaWatch app for iOS and how it controls the watch. Users can use the app to set […]

MetaWatch Claims It Can Ship The First iOS 6 Compatible Smartwatch

MetaWatch Strata

After the success of the Pebble there’s another potentially popular smartwatch on Kickstarter: the MetaWatch Strata. While both the Pebble and the Strata are smartwatches that gain funding through Kickstarter, that’s essentially where the similarities end. The MetaWatch Strata comes from a company that’s made smartwatches for eight years, most notable as part of Fossil’s […]

MetaWatch Adds iPhone Support, Bluetooth 4.0


The latest MetaWatch catches up to the Pebble smartwatch by adding iPhone support and Bluetooth 4.0. MetaWatch announced the new smartwatch in a blog post today. While previous MetaWatch models connected to Android devices with Bluetooth 2.1, the new MetaWatch adds support for the iPhone 4S and new iPad. The smartwatch connects to the two newest […]

iPhone 4S + Siri + Bluetooth 4.0 = Awesome Smart Watch

iPod Nano Smartwatch

The iPhone 4S is the first Bluetooth 4.0 phone to arrive on the market. Bluetooth 4.0 is a new version of the popular Bluetooth standard that allows you to connect a variety of devices to your smartphones and notebooks. Bluetooth 4.0 brings several new features to smart phones, accessories and computers. Here are a number […]

HP CTO McKinney explains the Fossil MetaWatch


Throwing folks in a tizzy, HP CTO Phil McKinney recently showed off a gadget called a “MetaWatch” (previously misquoted as “Metal Watch”) as an example of the direction mobile computing was headed. Quickly, McKinney took to his blog to clear up the concept of the MetaWatch and give credit to Fossil for putting it together.