How To Customize the Surface 2 Start Screen

Name Groups on the Start Screen

The Microsoft Surface 2 has two faces. One is the Metro or Modern UI screen filled with the colorful tiles. The others is the Desktop where Apps from the Microsoft Office 2013 suite run. With the release of the Surface 2 Microsoft has made going back and forth between these two worlds a little easier […]

Leaked Windows Phone 8.1 Image Hints at Notifications Tile


One of the features that’s so far been absent on Windows Phone 8 and that’s been requested by users of the platform is a unified notifications system, similar to the notifications drawer on rival iOS and Android platforms. Microsoft had confessed that it had ran out of time in creating a unified notifications system when […]

The Start Button to Make a Comeback with Windows Blue?


With the rumored Windows Blue update coming later this year, it is now believed that Microsoft executives are considering a move to bring back the Start button. The Start button, or Start menu, has been a mainstay of the Windows graphical user interface, allowing users to quickly access programs and recently used apps. However, with […]

Microsoft Forces Metro Onto Windows 8 Users


Reports are surfacing that Microsoft may be blocking users of its Windows 8 desktop operating system to boot directly into desktop mode and bypass the Metro UI. Those with access to the final release-tomanufacturing (RTM) builds of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 are noticing that Microsoft had made some changes to the final product […]

Windows Phone 8 Lockscreen Will Have a New Look?

New Icon WP8

In addition to a fresh and new Start screen on Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows Phone OS that’s expected to debut this Fall, it appears that the mobile operating system will also get a re-imagined lock screen as well that will provide users with more information about notifications. While there aren’t much details about how this new […]

Wozniak Endorses Windows Phone, Says Lumia 900 the Reincarnation of Steve Jobs


In a bit of controversy and publicity, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak had picked up the Nokia Lumia 900 flagship smartphone using Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system. Though Wozniak says that the iPhone is still his favorite device of choice, the Apple co-founder has demonstrated that he can be objective in his rivals’ products and was […]

Windows 8 Concept Watch Takes Smart Watches to a Whole New Level


We’ve seen ‘smart watches’ before with either a limited skinned version of a smartphone OS–like the Motorola ACTV–and those with full Android OS capabilities. However, the new concept watch created by Indian designer Mithn Darji takes the idea of smart watch to a whole new level by packing in the full desktop OS version of […]

Office 15 for Windows 8 Rumored to Lack Metro Design UI

Screen Shot 2012-01-31 at 9.16.20 PM

With Microsoft’s camp relatively silent regarding the next version of the Office suite for Windows, there is now some speculation that Office 15 will not be fully touch-optimized as intended. The reasoning behind that, according to sources to The Verge, is that Microsoft is battling time and resources constraint. Instead of a full UI lift […]

Steve Ballmer’s Final CES Keynote: Nothing New But Forging Ahead


This was an historic year at CES 2012 if for no other reason that it was the announced last keynote by Microsoft. Announced by both Microsoft and CES, that move has caused much consternation and gnashing of teeth about Microsoft (they want to move on, they don’t have that much new coming, etc…) and CES […]

New Touch-Friendly Music Player Coming to Windows 8?


When Microsoft releases its Windows 8 operating system next year, which will be optimized for tablets, the OS may be accompanied by a new music and media player that will also get the same finger-friendly, touch-optimized treatment. Screenshots of the new media player have been leaked out via Winunleaked. The player will allow users to […]

Analysts Skeptical of Windows 8 Success


Windows 8’s success as a platform for traditional PC users and for tablet users is seen with huge skepticism from analysts at IDC, which predicts Microsoft’s desktop OS to be largely irrelevant to users by the time the platform launches sometime in 2012. “Windows 8 will be largely irrelevant to the users of traditional PCs, […]

Some Thoughts on the Windows 8 Developer Preview


There are some very interesting parallels between what Microsoft is now showing off with its Developer Preview of Windows 8 and Apple’s recently released OS X Lion. Those parallels point to what we’ll be experiencing in the future. Call it post PC, call it the next wave, call it whatever you want both companies are […]

Nokia to Make Windows Phone 7 Apps Compatible With Rival Handsets


While Nokia and Microsoft are hard at work on enhancing the experience of Windows Phone 7 once the platform launches on Nokia-made hardware later this year, the company has gone on record to say that special apps created by Nokia for the platform will not only work on the company’s branded phones, but also on […]

Microsoft to Show Off Windows 8 Tablet UI Next Week?


Microsoft may be getting ready to show off a refreshed user interface and user experience for its Windows 8 tablet environment next week at the All Things Digital conference. The tablet UI will closely resemble the Metro UI on Windows Phone 7 to help users access important information quickly. News of the rumored preview of […]

Microsoft Ready to Demo Windows 8 Tablets by June?


Microsoft is getting ready to show off a new tablet user interface design that will be bundled together with its next-generation Windows 8 desktop operating system. Unlike rival tablet operating systems, Windows 8 tablets will run a desktop-class OS and not a scaled down mobile OS. According to Business Insider, the Redmond, Washington software company […]

ARM-Based Windows 8 Tablet with Live Tiles UI?


After Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet reported that Windows 8 could arrive sooner than we expect, there has been some chatter on the Internet that the next-generation desktop Windows operating system could arrive on tablets with better touch support along with compatibility with ARM-based processors, a feature that CEO Steve Ballmer had announced during the […]

Revised Windows 7 Tablet Interface Rumored


Analysts are now predicting that Microsoft will be using its experience with Windows Media Center and Windows Phone 7 with the Metro user interface to design a Windows-based tablet. The analysts are saying that the tablet will have a more friendly user experience running on top of Windows 7. Given the mention of the Metro […]