The Xbox One Proves Microsoft Needs to Reign In Metro

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There were no users left on the sidelines when Microsoft originally debuted its Metro Design Language with Windows Phone 7 back in 2010. Characterized by its almost monochromatic interface and flat design, Microsoft billed the new interface design and paradigms as both “fast and fluid” and “authentically digital.” The company made its intention to redesign […]

Microsoft Forces Metro Onto Windows 8 Users


Reports are surfacing that Microsoft may be blocking users of its Windows 8 desktop operating system to boot directly into desktop mode and bypass the Metro UI. Those with access to the final release-tomanufacturing (RTM) builds of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 are noticing that Microsoft had made some changes to the final product […]

Windows 8 on ARM Shows Weakness, Not Strength


No support for current Windows applications. Office is still desktop-only. Windows on ARM (WOA) is a compromised “no-compromise experience” at a time when Microsoft needs to show more strength.

Analysts Skeptical of Windows 8 Success


Windows 8’s success as a platform for traditional PC users and for tablet users is seen with huge skepticism from analysts at IDC, which predicts Microsoft’s desktop OS to be largely irrelevant to users by the time the platform launches sometime in 2012. “Windows 8 will be largely irrelevant to the users of traditional PCs, […]