Huawei Activa 4G Hits MetroPCS for $149 Off-Contract

Huawei Activa 4G Hits MetroPCS for $149 Off-Contract

Those looking to get an extremely cheap 4G LTE smartphone off-contract might want to check out the newly released Huawei Activa 4G which has just arrived on MetroPCS. The Activa 4G is currently available online and in MetroPCS retail locations and it retails for a mere $149 off-contract. That means that customers won’t have to […]

MetroPCS Interested in Unlocked 4G LTE iPhone 5

MetroPCS Interested in Unlocked 4G LTE iPhone 5

If Apple decides to release a 4G LTE iPhone 5 sometime this year, MetroPCS might be waiting in the wings to offer it unlocked on its 4G LTE network. According to Wireless Week, MetroPCS CFO Braxton Carter stated that while the carrier does not offer the iPhone or really want unlocked iPhone users using the […]

HTC One V Coming to Several U.S. Carriers This Summer

HTC One V Hitting Several U.S. Carriers This Summer

HTC has announced that its only member of the HTC One Series yet to hit the United States, the HTC One V, will do so at some point this summer. It has also revealed that it will be hitting a ‘variety’ of U.S. carriers although the manufacturer didn’t exactly specify who would be getting it. […]

MetroPCS Drastically Changes Its 4G LTE Data Plans

MetroPCS Drastically Changes Its 4G LTE Data Plans

MetroPCS has introduced some sweeping changes to its 4G LTE data plans today. The carrier will increase the cost of its unlimited 4G LTE data plan from $60 to $70 and it will also start throttling data on its other three 4G LTE data plan offerings. Those exceeding a specified data threshold will now be […]

MetroPCS-Bound ZTE N910 Spotted at FCC


One of Chinese manufacturer ZTE’s high-end Android device will be headed Stateside to regional carrier MetroPCS with 4G LTE support. The ZTE 910, which originally debuted at Mobile World Congress, represents one of a few phones introduced by ZTE at the show in an aggressive effort to capture worldwide market share and propel the company […]

HTC One V: Hardware, Software, Release Date

HTC One V: Hardware, Software, Release Date

This year’s Mobile World Congress has produced quite a few interesting smartphones. The big story of the show has been the arrival quad-core powered smartphones which are poised to go on sale for the first time. Those devices have been headlined by theĀ  likes of the HTC One X and the LG Optimus 4X HD […]

LTE-Only Smartphones May Be Coming As Soon As This Year


Yesterday Ericsson and Qualcomm made an announcement that will likely have a huge impact on mobile users, though many probably didn’t hear about it or care. The companies revealed that they successfully passed a call started while on an LTE network to a 3G one for the first time. According to GigaOM this opens up […]

MetroPCS Offering $40 Unlimited Plan for 4G LTE Devices


If you think that AT&T and Verizon are the only carriers in the United States with 4G LTE networks in place, you’re sorely mistaken. MetroPCS currently has a 4G LTE network in place and those not looking to shell out the big bucks to the big carriers might want to give it a look. That’s […]

LG Connect 4G Looks Like a Beefed Up Optimus Black LTE for MetroPCS


From a leaked press shot, it appears that MetroPCS is landing the LG Connect 4G Android phone for its LTE network. There is speculation that the LG Connect 4G will also be coming to Verizon Wireless and Sprint–the latter of which may get a WiMax variant as Sprint does not yet have an LTE network […]

MetroPCS Launches the Wildfire S, Its First HTC Smartphone

HTC Wildfire S

It was only a matter of time before MetroPCS got its hands on an HTC smartphone and today, the carrier announced that it is now carrying the HTC Wildfire S and will be offering it for $179.99 without a contract. While the Wildfire S is nothing to write home about, it’s definitely a capable device […]

Samsung Reveals Samsung Galaxy Nexus Coming to Seven Carriers


Though Google and Samsung did not formally announce at the Galaxy Nexus’ unveiling alongside the debut of Ice Cream Sandwich which carriers the device will be coming to, the signup page for the smartphone hints that it is coming to seven U.S. carriers with the big four national carriers all included this round. In the […]

LG Esteem: An LTE Price ‘Revolution’ for MetroPCS


Regional contract-free carrier MetroPCS is rumored to be getting an Android smartphone by the name of the LG Esteem soon, and now we’re seeing some leaked shots of the LTE-capable device and it bears a striking resemblance to Verizon’s LG Revolution, another 4G LTE handset. What’s unique about the Esteem isn’t its name, specs, or […]

MetroPCS and Rhapsody Bring Unlimited Music to Android Users


If you’ve been looking for a reason to sign up for one of MetroPCS’ truly unlimited rate plans, the carriers new partnership with Rhapsody might just be what you needed to hop over the fence. Today, the companies announced a partnership that will bring unlimited music to MetroPCS’ current Android lineup. It’s called Rhapsody Unlimited […]

Verizon Trounces Competition in ‘Fastest Mobile Networks’ Testing

Verizon Tests

PCMag has run its annual “Fastest Mobile Networks” testing and Verizon’s 4G LTE network (surprise, surprise) ran away with the overall award for fastest network in the United States. The publication’s tests stretched across 21 cities and featured more than 140,000 tests. The results have produced winners in various categories and we’ll run those down […]

MetroPCS to be First U.S. Carrier with Android 4G LTE Smartphone?

samsung metro

The race to be the first carrier to offer a 4G LTE smartphone running on Google’s Android operating system is heating up to be a nice race between national carrier Verizon Wireless and regional carrier MetroPCS–both providers will offer a multi-mode 4G LTE smartphone(s) that will connect either to a 3G CDMA network, which offers […]

Regional Carrier MetroPCS to Launch Android 4G LTE Smartphone Q1 2011


Regional wireless carrier MetroPCS is planning to launch an Android smartphone that will utilize its 4G LTE network in the first quarter of 2011. Company CEO Roger Linquist announced the carrier’s intentions of expanding its current LTE portfolio, which thus far comprises only of the Samsung Craft feature phone, during an investor call. Linquist says […]