Noosy Nano SIM Cutter Trims SIM for iPhone 5 in a Snap

Nano SIM cutter iPhone 5

Cutting a Micro SIM down to a Nano SIM for use with the iPhone 5 will soon be easier thanks to the Noosy Nano SIM cutter tool. The iPhone 5 uses a new Nano SIM standard that is smaller than the Micro SIM and SIM cards found in the iPhone 4S and other phones. This […]

iPhone 5 Owners Might Be Able to Cut Micro SIM to Nano SIM


With a little patience and some work, it appears that iPhone 5 owners may be able to trim a Micro SIM down enough to potentially fit inside the iPhone 5’s Nano Sim slot. One of the biggest questions leading up to the release of the iPhone 5 on September 21st is whether or not iPhone […]

T-Mobile to Showcase Unlocked iPhones at Retail Stores to Woo Customers


America’s fourth largest carrier, T-Mobile USA, may not be in on the iPhone or the iPhone 5 when that device launches, but that isn’t stopping T-Mobile from pursuing a strategy asking switchers and customers to bring their unlocked iPhones to the 4G HSPA+ network. According to the latest report, T-Mobile may be using unlocked iPhones […]

Wireless Heavyweights Oppose Apple’s NanoSIM Standard


In an effort to create slimmer, sleeker, and smaller products, Apple is hoping to make the SIM card as small as possible. The company had done that once already, migrating from the traditional SIM standard to the micro SIM format, which is now being employed on the company’s iPhone and iPad as well as rival […]

Nano-SIM Design Proposes 30 Percent Smaller Footprint Than Micro-SIM


SIM card format developer Giesecke & Devrient is proposing new specifications for a new SIM format called the nano-SIM, which will be 30 percent smaller than today’s micro-SIM and 60 percent smaller than mini-SIM. The micro-SIM is being increasingly adopted by various smartphone-makers and is appearing on devices such as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 on […]

Microfy your SIM card with a meat cleaver


If you’ve got an iPad with 3G and are at a loss on how to get your own SIM or mini-SIM card to work with its micro-SIM port, a fellow named John Benson has a solution… and it involves a meat cleaver.

Why don’t people know what a SIM card looks like?


AT&T has been stamping out new SIM cards supporting all the current form factors, including micro-SIM. BGR has the best photo I’ve seen, courtesy of the crassamatic soundwave9. I am baffled, however, at the number of bloggers and commenters who don’t seem to know what they’re looking at.