SanDisk Unveils Dual USB 3.0 Drive for Android Users


SanDisk took the moment today here at CES 2015 live in Las Vegas to announce some new products, one of which is an impressive new storage solution for Android smartphone and tablet owners. Building on the success of the SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 2.0 last year, a new Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 with […]

iPhone 6: EU Could Force Apple’s Hand in Charger Choice

The iPhone 5s uses a Lightning connection and the HTC One uses a Micro USB, but with an adapter the same cable can charge both.

A new EU proposal could force Apple to get creative with the iPhone 6 and the Lightning connection which Apple uses to charge the modern iPhone models and connect them to computers. Apple introduced the Lightning connection in 2012, replacing a bulkier 30-in connector, and adding the new connection to the iPhone 5, iPad 4, […]

All-In-One Lightning, 30-pin Dock Connector & Micro USB Charging Cable

Charge iPhone 5 ipad 30 pin

With one cable and an adapter users can charge the iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad with 30 pin dock connector and a host of Micro USB devices like Bluetooth headsets and Android phones. The Innergie Magic Cable Duo and the new Micro USB to Lightning adapter makes it possible to charge almost any modern gadget without […]

iPhone 5’s Lightning to micro USB Cable Only Available for Europe


Apple had announced that more Lightning cables and adapters were forthcoming at a media event on September 12th that debuted the company’s next-generation flagship iPhone 5. In addition to what was announced, Apple also has a small micro USB to Lightning adapter that will allow users to use their existing micro USB cables–which are used […]

Why Universal is the Best Thing to Hit Mobile, and Where It Needs To Go


Friday, in a small hospital in Northwest Ohio something amazing happened. It’s not a new treatment for some illness, but it is something that just 2 years ago would have been impossible — I grabbed the charger for my Motorola Droid to charge up my mom’s LG feature phone. Rather than use the proprietary connectors […]

Apple Behind Push for micro USB Charging Standard


The International Electronics Commission, IEC, has recently announced that micro USB will be the universal mobile phone charging standard used. The surprise here is that Apple, known for pushing its own standards, is throwing its support behind the micro USB charging push. Having a common charging standard will be beneficial for the environment as the […]

ITU Approves Universal Phone Charger

Although word is these will start shipping with phones in 2010, I’m not sure how quickly the momentum carry things. That said, I’d love to see this happen. The International Telecommunications Body (ITU) has approved a universal charger that is supposedly more energy efficient and will work with any phone. The ITU is a United […]

Some Companies Promise Universal Phone Chargers


Several companies have signed onto a pledge to work towards a universal phone charging solution based on the micro-USB standard.   This was announced by the GSMA at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Intriguingly, Apple isn’t one of the companies signing on yet.   Some of those those that did sign on include AT&T, […]