Microsoft Enhances, Speeds Up Windows Phone Speech Recognition

Bing on the HTC 8X, as well as all Windows Phone 8 devices.

The voice recognition and speech features included in Windows Phone have just gotten a huge speed boost according to Microsoft. Speaking for Microsoft at the Windows Phone Blog, Michael Stroh and the Microsoft Bing Team announced this morning that the voice search and voice to text options that are included in every Windows Phone 8 […]

Xbox One: Three-Way Software Solution Simplifies Interactions

The Xbox One price is set at £399.99 in the UK at a third-party retailer, but it is subject to change.

The operating system that powers Microsoft’s next-generation entertainment console, the Xbox One, is the device’s “game changer” according to Microsoft. The comment, which came by the way of an in-depth interview with Polygon, centered mostly on the operating system or rather “operating systems” that power the Xbox One’s various entertainment features. According to Bill Kilgore, […]

A Geeky Day with my Nephews


Yesterday I took care of my nephews while their mothers and my wife spent a long day at a spa in downtown San Francisco. I did my best to spoil them, keep track of all of them and make sure we did at least one thing that each one of them wanted to do. We also […]