Earn Bing Rewards By Searching On Every Mobile OS Except Windows Phone


Microsoft is bringing Bing Rewards, the program that sends users codes for gift cards and more in exchange for performing searches with the company’s Bing search engine, to smartphones. At least, it is to anyone who isn’t using the company’s own Windows Phone platform. Microsoft announced the move in a post on its Bing Blog […]

Microsoft Refreshes Bing On Android

bing for android

Following a refresh of its iOS app, Microsoft has finally refreshed Bing for Android, giving users a few new features and a better user interface. It’s that aforementioned refreshed interface that users will like the most. Bing for Android pre-dated Microsoft’s push to unify its interface designs behind one set of principles. As such, the […]

Bing Goes Live


I posted some video, screenshots, and initial impressions of Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing, last week. Now, you can head over and give it a shot – Bing is live! Let us know what you think of Bing and the relevancy of your search results. Do you like what you see?

Bing Is Missing Real Time Search

bing search results

Ok, maybe I’m being a bit overly optimistic here, but with all the focus on real time search these days, I was hoping that Bing would bring some of that to the table. Hoping that Microsoft was a step ahead of the game, I did a search for the Bing video that I uploaded to […]

Previewing Microsoft Bing – Screenshots

Just moments ago I received an exclusive invitation to preview Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing. I’ve got video processing right now, but wanted to pass along these initial screen shots. After using Bing for about 30 minutes, I have to say I’m pretty impressed. It offers some great choices to filter pictures and video by […]

Microsoft Introduces Bing Search Engine


While Microsoft and Yahoo enjoys an on-again, off-again acquisition relationship, rival Google continues to expand its lion’s share of search queries. In order to stay relevant in the highly lucrative search engine business, Microsoft today announced their newest challenge in the form of Bing, which is to be followed shortly by an $80 million advertising […]