Review: Taposé Not Ready for Prime Time

What I Like and Dislike About the New iPad

Talk about disappointing. Yesterday those who had been following the news about the Microsoft Courier-like iPad, Taposé, were excited to see, that after several rejections, Apple had approved the App. There were quite a few eager beavers itching for the download, myself included. Well, as it turns out Taposé is still an exciting concept, but […]

Courier-Like iPad App, Taposé Rises Again and Available Soon


Well, well, well. All good things come to those who wait, and apparently have persistence. Taposé , an iPad App that I and many others were interested in has had a tortured journey, but it appears it will be available later tonight on the App Store. The App had been rejected by Apple, three times […]

Courier Like iOS App Taposé Rejected by Apple


I’m sure there are still memories of the Microsoft Courier around here. It was kind of a “holy grail” and unicorn all rolled up into one. Awhile back we mentioned an iOS App called Taposé. All the hype from the company talked about this App bringing a Microsoft Courier Experience to the iPad. The demos […]

Taposé: Microsoft Courier for the iPad?


Yesterday in the post highlighting Jay Greene’s articles on how Microsoft killed the Courier Tablet, I mentioned Taposé. Taposé is a forthcoming App for the iPad that is supposed to provide Courier like functionality. It kicked off as a Kickstarter project, got funding through that method, and is scheduled to debut around Thanksgiving. Obviously I’m […]

Part 2 of How Microsoft Killed the Courier Tablet

Microsoft Courier Tablet PC – Fresh Look (7)

Yesterday we linked to Jay Greene’s CNet post that offered up some background on how Microsoft made the decision to end the life of the Courier Tablet. As promised Greene has a part 2 up today. Both posts make for good reading, although Part 2 is more about the background and the differences between J […]

Microsoft Research presents paper on Simultaneous Pen + Touch


Mary-Jo Foley at ZDNet reports that the Microsoft Research team behind Manual Deskterity is presenting the white paper on their work on Simultaneous Pen + Touch at the ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology. As you may recall but likely have forgotten, the team released a video preview of their work back in […]

Thoughts on Broken Tablet Dreams

Textured Tablet

Yesterday afternoon and evening brought news that rocked many readers here at GBM. Reports (still unconfirmed) that HP is canceling the slate and that Microsoft is dropping the Courier project (confirmed) have been greeted with some anguish as well as some shoulder shrugs. There have even been a few raspberries. Apple fan boys (and others) […]

A Breath of Fresh Air for Pen and Digital Inking Fans


In a time where those who see and recognize the value of pen and digital ink, might liken themselves to Don Quixote titling at windmills, Michael Gartenberg has penned a piece on Engadget talking about the Microsoft Courier that offers a breath of fresh air. Coming after a week of iPad frenzy, wherein Steve Jobs […]

Tablets: Will Technology Ever Live Up To Our Fantasies?

51_937-Tricorder + spock

Unconfirmed numbers are that Apple has pre-sold northwards of 120,000 iPads. During the buying frenzy, other OEMs are watching closely, as are those who just wouldn’t go near an Apple product if you gave them one, hoping that other Tablets/slates will emerge and offer embraceable Tablet goodness. Some are questioning their own sanity for jumping […]

Microsoft Courier News


Engadget is running with some news on Microsoft Courier. Here’s the quote: We’re told Courier will function as a “digital journal,” and it’s designed to be seriously portable: it’s under an inch thick, weighs a little over a pound, and isn’t much bigger than a 5×7 photo when closed. That’s a lot smaller than we […]

WSJ: HP and Others Seek to Undercut iPad Prices


In news that isn’t really news, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that HP and other Tablet manufacturers are seeking to undercut Apple on its iPad pricing. Of course they are looking for ways to do this. The real news would be if they weren’t. Breathlessly reporting, the WSJ says that execs from HP will […]

The Harlequin is a DIY Courier Tablet


Slashgear is linking to a Netbooked report that features a user who couldn’t wait for the Microsoft Courier concept to come to be. So, he converted his Dell Mini 9 into a dual screen Tablet. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but it looks like he’s using the right side for input and the […]

New Microsoft Courier Leak: Gesture and Pen Details


Gizmodo’s secret informant, The Paperboy, has dropped what appears to be a full sales/user brochure of the Courier Tablet PC/UMPC-style device that Microsoft supposedly has in the works (though they can’t comment even though it’s obviously derived from the Codex prototype). It details the user interface to great extent, explaining gesture control and the advanced […]