Using Exchange server encryption? Hold off on that iPhone upgrade.

If your company’s Microsoft Exchange server requires encryption, you’ll probably want to put the brakes on upgrading your iPhone to the new 3.1 OS. Users in the Apple forum are reporting problems logging into their accounts due to lack of encryption support. Some are seeing their access restored after a reboot but others are not. […]

Palm Pre not ready for all Microsoft Exchange users yet


When I described the Palm Pre interface as “rather cutesy,” some took that to mean I thought it would scare off business users. Actually, I was just struck by the contrast of the Palm business brand against the exciting, new consumer device. Well, apparently, that contrast isn’t just skin deep because it’s being reported the […]

Google Sync Comes to iPhones, Uses Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Protocol

Wow – Google is now offering FREE Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync syncronization for Calendars and Contacts.   Mail is not currently supported. iPhone, Windows Mobile, and other various phones are supported. Head over to to learn more, and the devices supported. Heads up – setting up sync will wipe all calendar and contact data on […]