How to Use Microsoft Office for Free

The newly updated design of the Office Web Apps.

It’s no coincidence that one of the first things users ask when they purchase a new device is how to download Microsoft Office for free. Microsoft Office is the world’s premiere piece of productivity software, that one suite of applications that allows users to get more done at work and at home. Thankfully, you can use Microsoft […]

Google Kills Off QuickOffice for Android and iOS

Smart observers saw this coming last week after announcements at Google I/O and now it is official. Google will be ending the life of the popular mobile Office App QuickOffice. QuickOffice allowed users to work with Microsoft Office documents and Google office documents on mobile devices. The move now forces users who prefer Google’s productivity […]

Office for Android Could Arrive Before Microsoft’s Own Users Get It

The mobile apps and Office Online have much less features than the desktop apps that users get with an Office 365 Subscription.

One report now indicates that users with an Android tablet should expect a touch-centric version of Microsoft’s Office suite of productivity apps even before they debut on Microsoft’s own Windows 8 and Windows RT operating systems. A report originating from All About Microsoft indicates that Microsoft has plans to release a version of Office for Android tablet […]

Is This the Microsoft Office for Windows 8 Users Have Been Waiting for?


A presentation that leaked past weekend could provide Windows 8 users with an idea of how the Windows Store version of the Microsoft Office Suite of productivity apps will look when they do finally arrive. Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott was among the first to share the screenshots of what could be the version of Microsoft […]

Office for iPad Update Adds Printing and More


Surprisingly, that didn’t take long. Microsoft released the long awaited Office for iPad Apps not much more than a month ago. Today it is out with an update for the iPad versions of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, that among other things, gives users the ability to print documents. If you have been following the story […]

What is Office 365: 3 Things You Need to Know


If there’s a single suite of apps that users need on nearly every device with screen and a keyboard, it’s Office, Microsoft’s suite of productivity applications. For two decades Microsoft Office has been how people around the world get work done. Companies and small businesses around the world don’t just use it. Many of their […]

Microsoft Office Online Apps Now Available in Chrome Web Store


Microsoft has been very busy in the last month as it works to develop and extend its Mobile and Cloud strategy. Earlier today we posted about the availability of the new lower cost Office 365 Personal edition and included references to the newly released Microsoft Office Apps for the iPad, as well as the fact […]

Microsoft Office 365 Personal Now Available for $69.99 per Year


Microsoft has been making big splashes in the mobile pond of late as it works to build on its Mobile and Cloud strategy. The release of Office Apps for the iPad sent out the biggest ripples in the pond. That was preceded by a release of OneNote for the Mac, which caught many off guard. […]

Touch Version of Office for Windows Still A Ways Off

Via Paul Thurrott's Supersite from Windows

Let me begin by saying simply, “what the hell?” At the opening of Microsoft’s Build Conference today Microsoft corporate vice president Kirk Koenigsbauer showed a “preview of a work in progress” that is the touch version of Office Apps for guess what platform? If you said Windows you would be curiously correct. According to Paul Thurrott’s […]

Microsoft Makes Office for iPhone and Android Devices Free


Microsoft has removed the subscription requirement from Office for iPhone and the version that it makes available to devices running Google’s Android operating system. In effect, Office is now free on all three smartphone platforms. News of the change surfaced late yesterday. Microsoft only talked about Office for iPad at its briefing yesterday, leaving most […]

Office For iPad Available for Free Today

office for ipad

It’s official. Microsoft is bringing Office for iPad to Apple’s iTunes Store today. Microsoft made the announcement moments after new CEO Satya Nadella took the stage at a press event in San Francisco. Nadella wasted no time declaring his Microsoft to be a more mobile and cloud focuses company than the Microsoft that former CEOs […]

Office for iPad Is What Microsoft Needs Right Now


Their shouts of Microsoft not paying enough attention to users on its own platform are deafening. We’ve all heard users, out there in the streets and on the internet complaining about how Microsoft introducing Microsoft Office for iPad at its March 27th event is a terrible idea that will firmly leave it in last place […]

Microsoft Office for the iPad To Debut March 27


Sources are telling the Verge that the long awaited, possibly already dated, debut for Microsoft Office for the iPad will happen on March 27. Satya Nadella is making his first foray in front of the media as the new Microsoft CEO on that date to unveil the direction he sees Microsoft heading with his “mobile […]

Microsoft Announces Discounted Office 365 Personal Version


While iPad users wait patiently to get any “real work” done on an iPad until Microsoft finally releases a version of Office for the iPad, there is an announcement that might quicken the pulse of those who just can’t get by without their Microsoft Office applications. Microsoft has announced Office 365 Personal, a new software […]

Office for Mac 2014 Release May Arrive Alongside Office for iPad

New Office for Mac 2014 rumors point to news and a release near an Office for iPad announcement.

The Office for Mac 2014 release could come in the second quarter, near a rumored Office for iPad release, to catch Mac users up to a more modern version of Microsoft Office for Mac. Microsoft currently sells Office for Mac 2011, which is a usable Mac Office Suite, but it does not match the newer […]

Microsoft Unites Office Web Apps in Fight Against Google Drive

Office Online

The fight for users who prefer to edit documents, create presentations and store both on someone else’s servers instead of their own hard drive is heating up. After formally introducing the Office Web Apps to users three years ago and keeping them updated alongside its traditional desktop apps, Microsoft is hoping that a new united […]

We Don’t Need Microsoft Office for the iPad


The more things change, the more they remain the same. Being on a small odyssey I’ve been disconnected from things the last week or so. Turns out there really wasn’t much news of consequence in the mobile world during that period. As a matter of fact, it turns out that some are sort of stuck […]

Is Microsoft Backtracking on Office for iPad Promises?


Citing comments made by Microsoft marketing chief Tami Reller, ComputerWorld believes that changing leadership at the company and a resurgence in what it refers to as “the old guard” could have led Microsoft to kill off any plans it had for developing a native version of its Office suite of productivity applications for iPad and […]

Office Web Apps Get New Interface Fit For The Windows Store

The newly updated design of the Office Web Apps.

Office Web Apps, the online version of Microsoft’s Office desktop apps, have just gotten a makeover and they may provide the best look yet of what users should want when Microsoft finally releases Windows Store versions. Microsoft formally announced new versions of Office Web Apps late yesterday after the update’s refreshed navigation and stark contrasting […]

HopTo: A Microsoft Office Alternative for the iPad


Apparently there are legions of folks out there who are waiting with eager anticipation for Microsoft Office to arrive on the iPad. Apparently some folks at Microsoft are too. Outgoing Microsoft Steve Ballmer even seems a bit frustrated saying that Office will arrive on the iPad when there is a touch first version available. I […]