Microsoft Testing Outlook RT Client, But Will It Ever Arrive on Surface RT?


Microsoft is said to have already begun testing of a more feature-rich Office RT mail client that’s designed for the Windows RT ecosystem built around ARM Holdings’ processors. The Office RT software is reported to have already been completely developed and testing has already started, but there are still lingering questions about the software giant’s […]

Microsoft Releases Outlook 2007 Hotfix for Performance Improvements


Thanks to good friend James Kendrick at jkOnTheRun for passing this tip along. Microsoft has released a Hotfix or Outlook 2007 that is geared towards improving performance, especially for those who have large .pst and .ost files. Apparently this was released in February but it escaped our radar until now. Apparently this will get pushed […]

Xobni Now Out of Beta


It seems like quite a while ago that GBM readers were excited by Xobni, the Outlook add-in, that made it easier to deal with the ceaseless flow of email. During the beta launch we gave away quite a few invites. I gave Xobni a try and liked it a lot but somewhere in trying out […]