Microsoft Black Friday 2014 Deals Bring Cheap Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Black Friday Deals

Not to be out done by retailers and their own partners, the Microsoft Store has finally unveiled their own Black Friday 2014 deals. None are particularly earth shattering, but deals on Xbox One accessories and cheaper laptops and tablets should have buyers excited. As detailed in its first post about Black Friday 2014 Deals last […]

Microsoft Store Black Friday 2014 Sale Revealed, Almost

Microsoft Black Friday 2014 Deals

Most of the retailers in the United States are still holding their Black Friday 2014 deals pretty close to avoid other retailers trying to top them. Microsoft Store, the retail arm of Microsoft, is going in a different direction. Early this morning the Microsoft Store posted the first in its Black Friday 2014 deals. The […]

Back to School Deal Gets Windows Buyers $150 In Savings

Microsoft BTS Deal

Many grade-level and college student won’t return to class until August, but already Microsoft is moving to make laptops and 2-in-1s running its Windows 8 operating system a best buy for Back to School shoppers. As of now, its Microsoft Stores are giving new PC buyers $150 off their purchase — if they’re picking up a Windows […]

Microsoft Rewarding iPhone and Galaxy S2 Owners With Free Lumia 1520

The Lumia 1520

It doesn’t appear as if Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system has convinced droves of users to leave their iPhone or Samsung devices. Clearly, that’s isn’t from a lack of trying though. Just weeks after announcing a similar trade-in deal, the Microsoft Store has sent out text messages inviting users to trade-in their devices for a […]

Microsoft Store’s Dell Venue 8 Pro Deal Sells Out Almost Immediately

dell venue 8 pro deal

Buyers who had a feeling that the Microsoft Store’s deal on the Dell Venue 8 Pro wouldn’t last long were right. As of now, the Microsoft Store’s website is completely out of stock, ending one of the best deals on a tablet running Windows we’ve ever seen. Announced last week, the first phase of the […]

Microsoft Store Black Friday Deals: Price Drops on Surface and Xbox 360

black friday deals at microsoft

The Microsoft Store, Microsoft’s direct-to-consumer retail outlet may not have the biggest footprint, but that isn’t stopping its online website from announcing that it’ll slash prices on Xbox 360s, Xbox 360 accessories and Surfaces at midnight on Black Friday. That Microsoft might want to get customers on its own retail site for deals isn’t all […]

Play Xbox One at Microsoft Stores Starting Today


The Xbox One is just two weeks away from its official launch on November 22, and Microsoft has been pretty eager to have gamers try out the new console before it’s released. Because of this, the company is letting folks come into Microsoft Stores and play with the new console themselves and try out Forza […]

Sometimes The iOS App Store Just Goes Weird


As I mentioned recently in this comparison between the iPad Air and the Surface 2, both Apple and Microsoft need to do some serious plumbing work on their respective App Stores. (Google does to.) When it comes to discovery of Apps and maintaining your purchased App collection sometimes things are just plain funky. This strikes […]

Play the Xbox One Way Ahead of Release at Select Microsoft Stores


The Xbox One doesn’t launch until November 22, but Microsoft has been putting the new console on display in its stores since late last month. However, it’s been behind glass like a piece of treasure, and has remained unplayable for shoppers, but the company will be giving eager gamers the chance to play with the […]

Windows Store Coming to Best Buy

The Windows Store inside of a Best Buy.

Microsoft will launch Windows Stores inside many of the Best Buy locations scattered across the United States in an effort to bolster their direct outreach to consumers. The move, which was announced this week by Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc on the company’s Blogging Windows area of the Windows website, will make its way to 500 Best […]

Microsoft Stores Now Taking Pre-Orders for AT&T Lumia 900 LTE


Microsoft retail stores are now beginning to take customer pre-orders for the Nokia Lumia 900, which will be headed to AT&T’s 4G LTE network upon release. The Windows Phone 7 Mango smartphone was initially announced at the Consumer Electronics Show last month and has attracted a lot of attention as it will be one of […]

Nokia Lumia 800 Comes to U.S. to Microsoft Stores


In addition to having announced the Lumia 900, an LTE smartphone for AT&T’s 4G network, Nokia has just announced that the Lumia 800 will also be crossing the Atlantic to arrive in the U.S. on Microsoft Store shelves. When it was announced, the Lumia 800 was originally targeted at Europe and Asia, and Nokia had […]

Microsoft Store Now Selling PCs and 3rd Party Software


Timed with the roll out of Windows 7, Microsoft is changing up its own retail strategy by now selling PCs and 3rd party software in its own on-line store. This comes has Microsoft is starting to make a play by opening up brick and mortar retail outlets as well.

Is This Microsoft’s New Store?

We were hanging out at Microsoft’s Building 37 tonight, and on the way out Craig Pringle, Hugo Ortega, and I caught a glimpse of what might appear to be Microsoft’s new store. The etching on the back of the glass says “Windows Mobilization Flagship Environment” More pictures after the break.

Microsoft Opens Online Store in the US


Microsoft has expanded its online store to sell its wares directly to consumers. The Microsoft Store had been previously launced in Germany, the United Kingdom and Korea, but now it is operating in the US. The store sells “first-party” software and hardware from Microsoft that you can purchase either digitally or have them shipped.