How to Set Up Parental Controls on Microsoft Surface

The Surface Pro 2 with purple Type Cover 2 accessory.

If you’ve got a new Microsoft Surface Tablet for your family you might want to think about setting up parental controls for those times when you can’t monitor your child using the Surface. It’s a great way to give you some peace of mind regarding the content your child might be viewing or the time […]

Microsoft Clarifies Surface RT Windows 8.1 Update Problems


Microsoft is finally clarifying its reasoning and motives for taking down the Windows 8.1 update for Windows RT users, and according to the company, the issues are specific to its Surface RT tablet. In a statement sent to ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft says that the issue that forced it to remove Windows 8.1 from […]

Bricked Surface RT Fix Now Available from Microsoft


Only days after it began offering the free Windows 8.1 update to users through the Windows Store, Microsoft has pulled Windows RT 8.1 for Windows RT users and released a software download designed to recover Surface RTs that won’t start after being upgraded. Microsoft informally announced that it’d pulled Windows 8.1 for Windows RT users […]

Surface RT May See Huge Price Cut Next Week

Surface Pro Review

Reports indicate that Microsoft may be preparing to slash the price of the Microsoft Surface RT, by almost half. The Surface RT is Microsoft’s first in-house tablet, created to showcase the Windows RT operating system. Instead of lowering just the price of the cheapest device, the Surface RT with 32GB of on-board storage, Microsoft will drop its […]

Microsoft Slashing the Price of Surface RT for Education


Microsoft is continuing its push to get the Surface RT tablet in the hands of youngsters and educators, this time with a huge price cut that could see the tablet go for as low as $199. Starting immediately according to a statement from TheNextWeb, the company will allow educational institutions to purchase a 32GB Surface […]

The Best Windows Tablets [May, 2013]

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With Windows 8, Microsoft attempted to change the nature of the devices its partners offered to consumers. In fact, the company introduced so many changes to the operating system that some now argue that Windows 8 may be the first operating system made by Microsoft whose touch experience vastly outstrips it’s use on traditional Windows […]

Microsoft is Building 8-inch Surface, Says Digitimes

Surface Pro Reviews

Microsoft could be preparing to launch an 8-inch addition to its line of Surface Tablets this June, and an updated 10-inch design later this year. That’s according to Digitimes who spoke with sources inside the supply chains of Taiwan’s technology components industry. These sources have indicated this 8-inch Surface would use touch displays created by […]

Microsoft Surface RT Coming To Other Stores, Surface Pro To Follow?


Microsoft will bring its Surface RT tablet to other stores sometime in the next few days according to a Windows IT Pro report. According to the report Microsoft planned to bring the Surface RT to other retailers sometime in early 2013, but recently decided to make the move sooner. If the report is correct, stores […]

Touch Cover Issues Surface With Microsoft Surface RT


The Verge has a report that the signature accessory of the Microsoft Surface RT and the future Surface Pro units (due in January), the Touch Keyboard is showing some issues related to wear and tear. Specifically, users are reporting that the cover of the Touch Keyboard is fraying and exposing wiring. There’s also reports of […]

A Few Useful Surface RT Hints and Tips

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This is just a quick post to pass on a few useful links to hints and tips for those might be exploring the Windows RT experience. These all come from links to other sites where those folks did all the work, so credit where credit is due. With any new OS there are always things […]

Does Your Tablet Need a Keyboard? Microsoft Surface RT Absolutely Does


Since the days of Microsoft’s Tablet PCs there have been debates about Tablet PCs and keyboards. Many die-hard Tableteers insisted that the Slate (without a keyboard) was the key to the future of Tablet PCs. Many, like myself, preferred a convertible or hybrid Tablet PC because the keyboard provided options to use the Tablet PC […]

Bing App Crashing on Surface RT


I took some flack from some folks about my review of the Windows Surface RT. Not only did I say the device and its dual nature confused me, but I pointed out that there are, at least in my experience quite a few bugs that obviously need attention in this very Version 1.0 device. As […]

Microsoft Surface RT Torn Down, Deemed Difficult To Repair

Microsoft Surface Teardown

As with any major new device, now that Microsoft’s Surface RT is available iFixit has a new teardown to show the inside of the device and see how easy it is to repair. To disassemble the Microsoft Surface RT iFixit had to remove a total of 17 Torx screws from under the kickstand and the camera […]

Let the Tablet Shopping Season Begin!


It has been a big week in Tablet land with Apple finally announcing its iPad Mini and the early reviews of Microsoft’s Surface RT hitting the Internet, prior to some consumers getting their hands on that device on Friday. Monday will be a big day as well with Google making some Tablet announcements. Amazon, having […]

$499 Microsoft Surface RT Pre-Orders Sold Out


Pre-orders for the $499 Microsoft Surface RT 32GB, which comes without the black touch cover, have sold out ahead of the device’s expected October 26th release date. Microsoft’s website, where the company began taking pre-orders yesterday for the new Microsoft Surface tablet, no longer shows an expected delivery date for Microsoft’s entry-level Microsoft Surface tablet. […]