Microsoft Surface 2, Surface Pro 2 Pre-Orders Now Live

The Surface Pro 2

As expected, Microsoft has opened up pre-orders for its new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets. These are Microsoft’s successors to the original Surface RT and Surface Pro, and start at $449 and $899, respectively. They’re available to order now on Microsoft’s website, with the Surface 2 coming in 32GB and 64GB flavors, while […]

Microsoft Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 Official

Microsoft Surface Pro Reviews

Microsoft announced two new tablets today, called the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. Both keep the same overall look of the previous generation, but the company boosted the performance of the two tablets all around. Microsoft’s Surface 2 is the newest entry-level Surface slate, and the company says it’s “the most productive tablet ever […]

Surface RT Upgrade to be Called Surface 2, Feature Tegra Processor


The Surface 2, a follow-up to the original Surface RT device running Microsoft’s Windows RT operating system, will feature a next generation Tegra processor and modestly improved internals. According to reports from the WinSuperSite, outside the device will appear identical to the Surface RT that shipped almost a year ago. That includes the device’s weight, thickness and […]

3 Reasons the Surface RT Shouldn’t Have Lost A Billion Dollars


Microsoft’s announcement that it would take a write down on the Surface RT stock it had remaining in warehouses sent shock waves through the industry. Almost instantly, users who didn’t own a Surface RT, and never intended on getting one in the first place, questioned if the Windows RT operating system that the device runs […]

5 Things to Know Before Buying A Cheap Surface RT


The Surface RT is now on sale for $350 at Staples, and we may see a bunch of new Surface RT deals as rumors point to a far-reaching Surface RT price drop which offers a tempting cheap Windows tablet. Though it only debuted a year ago, the Microsoft Surface RT has changed the way most […]

Surface RT May See Huge Price Cut Next Week

Surface Pro Review

Reports indicate that Microsoft may be preparing to slash the price of the Microsoft Surface RT, by almost half. The Surface RT is Microsoft’s first in-house tablet, created to showcase the Windows RT operating system. Instead of lowering just the price of the cheapest device, the Surface RT with 32GB of on-board storage, Microsoft will drop its […]

Microsoft Slashing the Price of Surface RT for Education


Microsoft is continuing its push to get the Surface RT tablet in the hands of youngsters and educators, this time with a huge price cut that could see the tablet go for as low as $199. Starting immediately according to a statement from TheNextWeb, the company will allow educational institutions to purchase a 32GB Surface […]

Microsoft Gives Away 10,000 Surface RT Tablets to Educators

Surface RT

Microsoft will give attendees at the International Society for Technology in Education Conference a free Surface RT as part of an effort to push technology use in the classroom. As part of the ITSE event, attendees will be provided with a Microsoft Surface RT for use at their local schools. According to the organization, that […]

Microsoft Surface Tablet Updates Bring Fixes & Features

Microsoft Surface Pro Reviews

New updates coming to Microsoft’s family of Surface tablets should address many of the issues buyers reported when trying to use the home button on the Surface RT and the built-in LifeCam on the Surface Pro. As detailed on the Surface website, Microsoft will first address the Home button issues that have plagued users of […]

Microsoft is Building 8-inch Surface, Says Digitimes

Surface Pro Reviews

Microsoft could be preparing to launch an 8-inch addition to its line of Surface Tablets this June, and an updated 10-inch design later this year. That’s according to Digitimes who spoke with sources inside the supply chains of Taiwan’s technology components industry. These sources have indicated this 8-inch Surface would use touch displays created by […]

Microsoft’s Gates Claims Many iPad Users Are Frustrated

Bill Gates

According to Microsoft’s Bill Gates, many of the users who are trying to use the iPad, and tablets like it, are “frustrated.” The former CEO and current chairman of Microsoft laid out the company’s case for its current tablet strategy this morning with CNBC, according to Business Insider. After declaring that it would get harder […]

Microsoft May Debut Second-Generation Surface At Build

Surface Pro Review Roundup

Microsoft may debut its second generation Surface tablet at its Build conference on June 26 if the latest speculations are accurate. DigiTimes cites “sources from the upstream supply chain” that say component suppliers already shipped components for 1 to 1.5 million Intel-based devices. The second generation Surface may only include 7- and 9-inch devices according to the […]

How to Watch CES 2013

CES 2013-580-75

CES 2013 is about to happen. About to happen is a good way to describe what occurs at this gigantic trade show that, in my view, is slowly losing some of its luster. Products are put on display, products are hyped, merchandisers bet on what will be the hot items for the coming year (mostly, […]

Zagg, Twitter searches, Say iPad Was Popular Gift This Christmas

Zagg iPad traffic

Some anecdotal website traffic from Zagg shows the iPad was a popular gift this Christmas. According to Zagg, daily iPad traffic to its website increased by 169 percent on Christmas Day. That measurement is for all iPad models, including the iPad mini. The increase is likely from new iPad owners looking for accessories for their […]

Bamboo Stylus Feel for Microsoft Surface and Other Active Digitizer Displays

Bamboo Stylus Feel carbon

The new Bamboo Stylus Feel gives users of the Microsoft Surface Pro, and other devices with an active digitizer like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, a high-quality stylus that looks like something one might give a college graduate or retiring executive. The pen arrives in January with a classy look and a pressure sensitive tip. With three […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Price Confirmed


Microsoft finally confirmed the price of the Microsoft Surface Pro today, revealing that the 64GB Surface model will cost $899 while the Surface with 128GB of storage space will check in with an expensive $999 price tag. The details were revealed today on Microsoft’s official blog wherein Panos Panay, the General Manager of the Microsoft […]

Microsoft Surface RT Torn Down, Deemed Difficult To Repair

Microsoft Surface Teardown

As with any major new device, now that Microsoft’s Surface RT is available iFixit has a new teardown to show the inside of the device and see how easy it is to repair. To disassemble the Microsoft Surface RT iFixit had to remove a total of 17 Torx screws from under the kickstand and the camera […]

Microsoft Surface RT vs Surface Pro: Which Is Right For You?

Microsoft Surface tablet

The Microsoft Surface RT is finally on sale starting at $499, but Microsoft has another version of the tablet on the way in a few months that power users might want to wait for. The Surface tablet that comes out on October 26 is the Windows RT version of Surface. It uses an ARM processor […]

$499 Microsoft Surface RT Pre-Orders Sold Out


Pre-orders for the $499 Microsoft Surface RT 32GB, which comes without the black touch cover, have sold out ahead of the device’s expected October 26th release date. Microsoft’s website, where the company began taking pre-orders yesterday for the new Microsoft Surface tablet, no longer shows an expected delivery date for Microsoft’s entry-level Microsoft Surface tablet. […]

Microsoft Surface Team Reveals Surface RT Design & Feature Details


Shortly after the Microsoft Surface went on sale yesterday the team behind the device went to Reddit, an online community, to answer a number of questions about the device. During the Reddit AMA, short for Ask Me Anything, the Surface team talked about why they chose the screen resolution for the Surface, why there’s no 3G […]