Samsung Galaxy Note Is Powerful and Way Too Expensive

Samsung Galaxy Note, Too Expensive?

I’ve been coveting the Samsung Galaxy Note ever since Xavier got his first look at IFA last week. A big 5.3-inch screen is a good compromise between smartphone and tablet for me, and I’m not about to complain about a 1280 x 800 resolution or a really gorgeous AMOLED display. Add the note-taking capabilities and […]

Viliv N5 On Sale at Dynamism Soon


Dynamism is almost reader to take Viliv N5 pre-orders. The Viliv N5 is a tiny PC that can fit in a coat pocket. It has a 4.8″  touch screen, miniaturatized QWERTY keyboard, SSD, GPS, 1GB of RAM and optional 3G HSPA modem. It weighs in at just .85 lb and is a hair under 1″ […]

Intel seriously serious about getting into tablet market. Seriously.


Yes! Finally, Intel is taking the gloves off and getting serious about getting into the tablet market. At least that’s the message from Intel VP Mooly Eden and to prove he’s serious, he even held up an Intel tablet design at an Intel investor meeting. An Intel-based tablet? Wow! I’ve never owned one or three […]

Sharp Ditches Keyboard on NetWalker PC-T1 MID


Ah, the MID class of mobile devices. It was all the rage for awhile but if I’m not mistaken some of the steam has evaporated from that cloud. That hasn’t stopped Sharp from continuing to bring its NetWalker PC-T1 to market. When it first surfaced the Netwalker, running a Freescale i.MX515 processor, didn’t get much […]

Viliv Adds HID Driver to S5 UMPC


Viliv has added an HID driver for Windows 7 to the S5 UMPC. The bottom line on this is that S5 users can now have much better Tablet PC functionality. The TIP won’t lag when it pops up, calibration might actually hold, the Tablet PC keyboard is the default instead of the Accessibility keyboard,  and […]

First impressions of the Dell Mini 5 prototype


Engadget has been putting their comment-ambivalent paws on a prototype of the Dell Mini 5, a.k.a. the Streak, and have returned their early first impressions of the MID, along with a truckload of photos and video.

The Dell Streak (Mini 5) gets torn down


The tiny tablet that Dell showed off but wouldn’t commit to at CES has fallen into the hands of a hacker. Not a software hacker, but one of the hardware variety who takes the little guy apart piece by piece. Seems a tad ironic given that it was a look-no-touch showing in Vegas, but this […]

Dell Streak to debut at CES?


Word out of Pocket-lint is that Dell will unveil a 5″ Android-based tablet at CES 2010, confirmed by “multiple ‘black ops sources’”. Would be quite intriguing except we’ve been seeing leaks about a 5″ Android-based tablet device from Dell called “Streak” for months. If they’re aiming for a 2010 release as previously reported, it’s almost […]

MID Developers Leaving Intel’s MID Alliance


Engadget is linking to a DigiTimes report that several members of Intel’s MID Alliance are walking away from plans to develop MIDs in the future due to unsatisfactory shipping levels of current products. Some folks will treat this as a “sky is falling” announcement, but in my view, it is just the normal evolution for […]

Dell and AT&T Teaming up for MID?

We’ve been hearing about Dell’s efforts at entering the MID space, supposedly next year. (Is it me, or is everything we’ve been hearing about since, say, oh, May, rumored for next year? 2010 is sure shaping up to be quite a year.) That parenthetical aside, fresh rumors are that Dell and AT&T are teaming up […]

Old-school gamer shares more insight on UMPC gaming

via Ars Technica

Still calling his Samsung Q1UP a Tablet PC, Jon Stokes at Ars Technica follows up on his previous report on old-school gaming on a UMPC with updated minimum specs and battery performance. Responding to complaints over the price of his rig, he notes he can underclock the 1.33GHz processor down to 800MHz without suffering a […]

FCC outs the Archos A5S Android-based MID


Note to manufacturers: if you want to keep your devices under wraps, you need to go full confidentiality on your FCC filings. Archos made such a request for the technical aspects of their A5S Internet Tablet, but apparently that wasn’t enough to cover photos and test results. Thus, the FCC has given us a peek […]

Digital Summer Party in SF


Last night I went to the Digital Summer party at Temple, a nightspot in San Francisco. It was a celebration of technology mixed with a fashion show. Liana Burtsava and Eliane Fiolet from Ubergizmo and Girls in Tech hosted the event. Intel, HP, Coveroo and Eye-Fi were all there showing off their wares and the […]

Viliv X70 in-stock at Dynamism and shipping same-day


Dynamism has announced they have the Viliv X70 MID in-stock and ready to ship same-day. Looks like the ideal device to hold up while standing in front of your vanishing, expensive car. Starting at $599.99 and available in four versions, the Viliv X70 features a 7″ WSVGA display, up to 128GB SSD, 5+ hours of […]

Pocketables’ Mystery MID


Pocketables has received two batches of photos showing off an unnamed MID running Android. From their first report: There isn’t much to go by here, but a set of photos appeared in some unnamed forum the other day showing what is believed to be a new slate-style Android MID that is estimated to have a […]

Looking for an MID? Good Luck


In the “we could have told you that” department, Ars Technica took a hard look at the availablility of MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices), specifically those equipped with Intel Atom processors, and confirmed through methodical research what most of us probably already noticed: MIDs are hard to find. Using a list they requested and received from […]

DigiTimes: Intel to Suspend Orders for Atom Z Processors


Dr. Frankenstein had this problem, but his profit margins were vastly different. How do you deal with a monster of your own creation that turns on you? A more difficult question may be how do you deal with the mob if they like the monster? While still fulfilling existing orders, DigiTimes is reporting that Intel […]

Creative’s Zii Egg MID Aiming for Android


Creative’s Zii Egg is an intriguing looking story. Creative is targeting developers to and create for and extend its Plaszma platform. The device will ship with its SDK. They are also tacking a label on this as the   “StemCell Computing Platform” which I don’t think they tested very well here in the US anyways. […]

Last Chance to Win a Mobile Internet Device


Earlier this month we launched and to celebrate we’re giving away some mobile gear. To enter to win a MID and other great prizes all you have to do is visit the giveaway page and tell us what you’d use a MID for and which one you’d choose. I’ve been using a Viliv S5 […]