iOS 4.3 to Bring Personal Hotspot to iPhone


Verizon had debuted the personal hotspot feature on the Verizon iPhone 4 launch yesterday and it seems that the MiFi-like WiFi tethering service may make its way to GSM iPhones by way of iOS 4.3 according to sources to Boy Genius Report. Currently, tethering on the iPhone has been limited to Bluetooth and USB tethering; […]

Why I Won’t Be Switching to the Verizon iPhone


Reports are that Verizon will be a having a big press even on Tuesday, possibly with Steve Jobs on hand, to help introduce a new Verizon iPhone. That is exciting news for many users who might hate AT&T or need to keep a family plan at Verizon due to other contract dates. In any event, […]

Hands On with Novatel MiFi 3G/4G from Sprint, Verizon


Though the MiFi mobile hotspot router devices have been announced for 4G networks for Sprint and Verizon Wireless in the U.S., neither model are available yet–Verizon Wireless says its 3G/4G LTE model will launch in the first half of 2011 while Sprint says its 3G/4G WiMax model is coming February for $50. We did have […]

Sprint’s Novatel Mifi 3G/4G Hotspot Goes Official


As was previously leaked, Sprint has unveiled its MiFi 3G/4G personal hotspot router, which allows up to 5 devices to share the device’s Sprint Now Network mobile broadband connection over WiFi in a router device that’s about the size of a credit card. The device will allow laptops, tablets, gaming devices, and other WiFi-connected device […]

Sprint’s Next-Gen 3G/4G WiMax MiFi Poses for Photos


Given the popularity of Sprint’s original Novatel 3G CDMA MiFi unit, the successor may be just as popular. Engadget had posted press shots of Novatel’s next generation MiFi mobile hotspot router for Sprint’s 3G/4G WiMax network has emerged and shows an attractive, modern design. There isn’t much information in terms of launch date or pricing, […]

Sprint Needs to Make it Easier to Transition from MiFi to Overdrive/4G


For the past several months we’ve been inundated with Sprint ads for the EVO 4G and other smartphones, despite the fact that the wireless company hasn’t oficially launched WiMax in the San Francisco Bay Area…until today. But unless you’re a San Francisco Bay Area geek you probably haven’t heard the good news. I’ve been using […]

T-Mobile 4G MiFi Coming in 2011


A leaked document obtained by T-Mobile blog TmoNews indicates that two mobile wireless broadband routers will be headed to T-Mobile USA in 2011. With AT&T having just recently released its Novatel MiFi–MiFi is a trademark of Novatel and has been used in blogs and by the media as a generic term for mobile broadband routers–T-Mobile […]

Best Buy Offers Free MiFi Card with iPad Purchase


Yes, you still need to take out a 2 year contract, but if you were thinking about an iPad purchase this might be worth considering. Apparently Best Buy is offering WiFi only iPad’s for sale that include a free MiFi card. You can pick your carrier between Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T. You do need to […]

When a mobile hotspot tops a hotspot mobile


After an active stretch of my personal life, I’m back to blogging today and have brought with me a greater appreciation for mobile hotspots, particularly in relation to tethering and hotspot mobile phones.

AT&T Finally Gets Into MiFi Game with Novatel 2372


AT&T will soon be joining U.S. carriers Sprint and Verizon Wireless in offering a MiFi device, a mobile hotspot router that allows for up to five devices to share the same mobile broadband connection that was popularized by Novatel in the U.S. The Novatel MiFi 2372 is compatible with AT&T’s 3G network and will can […]

Verizon iPad Commercial Hits The Air

Screen shot 2010-11-09 at 11.35.54 AM

Verizon just started running a new TV ad promoting its iPad and MiFi bundles. We aren’t used to seeing the United State’s largest wireless carrier promoting Apple products, so it’s interesting to see how Verizon’s positioning the pairing. In the commercial, Verizon shows an iPad user sitting in a living room. Of course, he has […]

ZTE Peel Case: iPhone Finally Comes to Sprint…Sort Of…


The case of the ZTE Peel Case for U.S. CDMA carrier presents an interesting proposition for onlookers of Apple’s iPhone but reluctant to commit either to AT&T or a two-year contract. With the ZTE Peel, a case with an integrated CDMA radio, owners of Apple’s iPod Touch–which has been described as an iPhone without the […]

MiFi OS on the way to empower mobile hotspots


Novatel Wireless is finally pushing out the new OS for MiFi mobile hotspots, expanding its capabilities to emcompass access to online storage, SMS, VPN, location-awareness, and more. Interesting news if you have a MiFi 2352 or 2372 model.

Mugen Extends Your Battery Life for the MiFi

hli_mifi2352xl_1 (1)

If you’re a fan of the Novatel MiFi wireless cards, and who isn’t, you might be interested in this. Looks like Mugen power is making an external battery solution for the devices that will give you some extra juice. The MiFi is a great solution for being connected on the go and its one drawback […]

Virgin Mobile USA to offer $40 Unlimited Data


Good news out of IntoMobile: Virgin Mobile USA will be streamlining their prepaid mobile data offerings and introducing an unlimited plan for only $40 for 30 days. That’s cheaper than 2-year contract plans with data caps. Might be time for me to order a VM Mifi hotspot.

Novatel MiFi: The Most Important Gadget in my Mobile Arsenal

photo (3)

Over the years I’ve owned more than my fair share of PCs, Macs, phones, cameras and gadgets. But the single device that’s had the most impact on how I work is the Novatel MiFi. The version I own will likely be put to rest as 4G is lit up across U.S. and reliability improves. The […]

Verizon’s Leaked Roadmap: More Android, Samsung Slate


Someone leaked Verizon’s roadmap to BGR. The supposed roadmap includes an Android tablet, an LTE MiFi and a new DROID. According to BGR, the products listed in the roadmap will be launching between now and 2012. One of the more interesting devices is a Samsung Android tablet: Samsung is working on a 7″ screen Android […]

Sleek MiFi with OLED display from Three hitting the UK


Gotta hand it to UK wireless service provider Three on knowing the way into a geek’s heart. Not only have they fitted their MiFi mobile hotspot with an OLED display for detailed device data, but they’ve rounded off display corners and made it black. Now you and your nerd buddies can look cool while sharing […]