Minecraft Story Mode: 5 Things To Know


Video games don’t get bigger than Minecraft. Released in 2009 by Swedish developer Mojang, the Minecraft games have become a huge empire. On one hand, Minecraft is a survival game that lets users craft what ever they need using the materials around them in an effort to defend themselves. By day gamers are building huge […]

Huge Minecraft Updates & Features for 2015 Revealed


There are Minecraft updates and feature changes coming in the near future that could have a huge impact on the way millions of users play the game and interact with the worlds that they’ve built. Some of those changes include the ability to dual-wield weapons and two new versions of Minecraft built specifically for different […]

Big Minecraft Update Arrives Packing Wood & More

minecraft update

Millions of gamers around the world are waking up to a new Minecraft update that adds tons of new extras and things to craft. Video game developer Mojang, who created and still develops Minecraft for Microsoft, announced the new Minecraft update in a post on its blog just yesterday. That Minecraft update is going out […]

Why You Shouldn’t Download Cracked Minecraft


If you’re on the fence about downloading what’s being billed as a cracked Minecraft that doesn’t require you to pay, don’t make the move. A new report indicates that people downloading cracked Minecraft could be comprising the security of their Windows PC. Malware Bytes Unpacked is reporting that what’s being advertised as cracked Minecraft isn’t […]

5 Tips for New Minecraft Pocket Edition Players

minecraft (4)

Never has there been a culture revolution spawned by a game like Minecraft. Since launching in 2009, the original game has spawned toys and inspired a generation to build their own shelters and more. In those early days, the only way you could play Minecraft was on a PC without a keyboard and mouse. Times have now changed, and if there’s one game that’s […]

7 Casual Games to Download for iPhone for the Holidays

kinectimals unleashed

Chances are that if you belong to a gift giving family you’re about to give or receive an iPhone or iPad this holiday season. The first thing you’re going to want to do is setup up the new device with an Apple ID and essential apps like Facebook, Twitter and more. The second thing you’re […]

7 Games to Download for Android Phones for the Holidays


Giving or planning on receiving an Android smartphone or tablet this holiday season? First you’re going to want to set up a Google Account and move your contacts, pictures and music. Second, you’ll want to download some fun games to enjoy on your new Android device. Here are 7 games to download and enjoy over the […]

With Minecraft, Windows Phone Lands Huge Gaming Win


Today, Windows Phone users have cause for celebration. After months of speculation Microsoft’s mobile operating system finally has a version of Minecraft Pocket Edition to call its own. Microsoft revealed Minecraft Pocket Edition at its Blogging Windows outlet early this morning. The ridiculously popular game’s arrival on the platform means that owners of Samsung, Lumia […]

Mojang Shares Minecraft for Xbox One & PS4 Details & Discounts


After informing early Xbox One and PS4 buyers that there would be versions of their  Minecraft building game that has swept the world and inspired millions of independent developers, today developer Mojang announced that Xbox One and PS4 buyers can expect a version of Minecraft to arrive in August for their respective platforms. It also […]

Sony To Begin Assault on Xbox Live Arcade with Minecraft on the PS3 Tomorrow


Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has been the only video game console to feature Minecraft for years, however the console won’t be able to use one of the world’s most popular survival/sandbox games to bludgeon Sony’s PlayStation consoles for much longer. Sony has announced that Minecraft will arrive on the PS3 tomorrow. Sony shared the game’s launch date […]

Minecraft Coming to PS4, PS3


When the PlayStation 4 launches on November 15th, it’ll do so with a slate of titles that include Minecraft, the famed adventure game turned large-scale building environment. According to announcements made during Sony’s GamesCom 2013 press conference, users of the PlayStation 4 will be able to download versions of the popular game to their consoles, […]

Mojang, EA, and Others Sued For Patent Infringement in Android Games


A company called Unliec is suing Mojang over an alleged patent infringement in Minecraft for Android, and Notch (creator of Minecraft) isn’t very happy about it. According to the BBC, the lawsuit comes from a Texas-based company called Unilec and it includes other companies like EA, Gameloft, and Square-Enix. The lawsuit claims the companies violated […]

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Finally Supports Crafting

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Finally Supports Crafting

An update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition has added some features that were sorely missing in the mobile version of the popular PC game. According to TouchArcade, Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.3 finally gives mobile gamers the ability to craft items in the game. Players are now able to use the items they mine to make new […]

The Blockheads is a 2D Minecraft-esque Game for iOS

The Blockheads is a 2D Minecraft-esque Game for iOS

The iPhone and iPad will soon have another, more accessible 2D Minecraft-like game called The Blockheads. According to TouchArcade, The Blockheads is the new game from developer David Frampton who created Chopper and Chopper 2 for iOS. Frampton openly admits that he used Minecraft as inspiration for his new game, but he has a slightly […]

Google Celebrates 10 Billion Apps Downloaded with 10 Cent Apps

Google Android Market

If you’re Google and your Android Market just surpassed 10 billion apps downloaded, how would you celebrate? Well, by offering up $.10 applications of course. That’s right. Google is currently offering up a “10 Days of Offers: Top Premium Apps, 10¢ Per App” sale on the Market that includes a number of applications that  probably […]